CNA certification renewal Kansas

How long is the cna license of Kansas valid?
Actually the validity of the license is based on the last date of the issue of the license. Most of the state validation period is almost same and the validation period is for two years.

How to renew CNA license in Kansas?
Renewing CNA license in Kansas is very easy process. You will get renewal application for CNA at least two to three months before the license expiration in the email or postal mail. It is mandatory for you to show documents of you working as a CNA at lest eight hours a day in the last two years. Your employer can produce these documents. Screening of experience will work as an added advantage in order to get CNA license renewal. For some reason, if you can not provide the work experience, you have to explain the nursing board why you were not able work as a CNA.

How much is the fees for the renewal of Kansas certified nursing assistant?
The renewal charge is $60.00(approx). When it comes to the profession of nursing then you might not know this, the people of Kansas extremely support all the nursing profession, especially CNAs. The state of Kansas is definitely concerned about how do you pay for renewal for CNAs. Usually your employer reimburse the license fees, but it varies from employer to employer. So if your employer refuse to pay for your license, you can pay from your pocket at the time and then get a tax credit at the end of the year.
This details do not change that often, but it does change from time to time. To make sure you follow all the rules and regulation, you should contact, Kansas Dept of Health and Environment at

Curtis State Office Building,
1000 SW Jackson, Topeka,
Kansas 66612.
Fax: (785)296-3075

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