CNA certification renewal Kentucky

You need to apply for the license renewal of certified nursing assistant when you pass the exam without any failure and you prove yourself a successful certified nursing assistant(CNA). The validity period of your CNA license is two consecutive years, but the duration of period is not same for all the state.

If you want to renew your certified nursing assistant certificate in a smooth process, then you need to keep yourself away from any type of criminal act. For, instance if you get involved in any type of criminal case then the process of license renewal will be cancelled. If you have done any sort of crime then it is mandatory for you to inform the state board of nursing. So, for better results and to avoid unwanted circumstances it is very much essential for you to keep your data update in the state board of nursing.

Apart from the above things you need to send the document to the state board of nursing in time, if you avoid this then your chance of license renewal will get diminished. The Kentucky state board of nursing do not charge any fees to renew CNA certification as of now. Even there are few states who offer discounts if you renew the license in online.

If you had any suspicion then you can contact to the Kentucky state board of nursing:
Phone: (502) 329-7000
Fax: (502) 329-7011

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