Louisiana CNA certification renewal

In Louisiana it is a rule that a certified nursing assistant must work at least eight hours in the two year license period. In order to maintain state certification this time is essential. Louisiana is very conscious about its rules and regulation so there is no way for the Louisiana people to avoid it. If the Louisiana nurse aides fail to work in the last five years, and if those nurse aides desire to achieve CNA certification then it is necessary that they must meet certain requirements.

  • It is mandatory that you must register yourself in a certified cna program; you need to finish the program of minimum 80 hours.
  • Among 80, forty of this hour is invested in classroom training. And the rest of 40 needs to be utilized in clinical training, the training take place in a hospital or nurse home setting.
  • It is mandatory for the trainees to participate in the facilities orientation program and that program is outside of the 80 hours. This is a very tough rule, and the certified nursing assistant is bound to maintain it. The CNA must secure minimum 70% in the program.

The CNA need to sign up with the Louisiana department of health and hospitals. The Louisiana’s departments successfully maintain and also it publishes the directory of CNAs. Before hiring, the employer will check out the directory of the CNAs.

If the CNA has a working experience of two years then no fees will be charged for renewing the cna license. For further information you can contact the Louisiana state board of nursing.
Phone: 225.755.7500
Fax: 225.755.7585
Website: www.lsbn.state.la.us

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