Scholarships And Grants For Autistic Children

In order to get the list of scholarships for autistic children, you need to be creative. It is neither an easy task nor it is a fast procedure. You need to invest a good amount of time then you might get successful result. You need to do appropriate and genuine search. Begin your hunting with the websites that provide scholarships, you can search into your community because you will find several local resources that are eager and interested to help the children who are suffering from autism and other challenging disease. There is an autism society and they get donations. The donations money is being utilized for research and helping the families of autistic children. There are organizations available, who financially helps the autistic children. Apart from this, there are scholarships available for the students who want to pursue higher education.

Our society is not behind when it comes to help the autistic children or mentally retarded children. As, we know that an autistic children either scores normal or they exceed the normal and intelligence and secure good marks. Somehow, children as well as parents able to manage the high school education but they face difficulty when it comes to college education. An autistic child has the capability to pursue college education but due to lack of financial programs, they fail to raise high in their life. Autistic children parents have more expenses because since their children childhood, they have to spend huge money on their child treatment and as a result, later they fail to provide money for their college education. The parents of autistic children did not have to worry because there are college scholarships available for autistic people and here you will be informed about Top 5 College Scholarships For Autistic People along with other additional information’s.

Eden Services Ann M. Martin Scholarship:
An individual with autism can apply for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $1000. The basic requirement for this scholarship is the candidate need to complete an accredited postsecondary educational or vocational program of study.

Schwallie Family Scholarship Program:
In order to apply for this scholarship the candidate must be identified as autism. In order to apply for this scholarship the candidate need to complete his initial education (class10). Hence, an autistic student can avail this scholarship from high secondary level. There are 5 different awards and each is of $3,000. For winning this amount, there are different criteria. The 3 award categories are for students attending a 4 year college, second is students attending 2 year college, and next students attending a trade, technical, or vocational school.

CVS Pharmacy Charitable Trust:
This trust offer scholarship of $1,000 per year. An autistic child can freely apply for this scholarship. This money they can utilize in attending the college or any trade school of their choice.

Golfers Giving, Inc. – Scholarships:
This scholarship is for the students who are having specialization in special education, speech pathology, social work, autism research and related fields. The candidate who is planning to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, Post Graduate Degree at an accredited college or university can apply for the scholarship. While you are submitting the application of scholarships, the mandatory requirement is you need to have a certified transcript showing a B average, two letters of recommendations along with 1 page essay on a selected topic.

John Weir Scholarship:
This scholarship is open to autistic student as well as student who are suffering from other disabilities. You need to complete your higher secondary education for receiving this scholarship. The scholarship is for those who are willing to attend two- or four-year college or a trade school. The winner will have the opportunity to win scholarship of $ 500 and probably an addition $500 for the following three years of college. Apart from this, the winner will get the chance of CIL’s youth spokesperson. The runners up will also be awarded with smaller one-time scholarships.

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