Scholarships And Grants For Sexually Abused Children

Top 5 scholarships for sexually abused children

People often neglect sexually abused children during their childhood or they themselves stay away from normal society, especially education. Education is the best tool to recover from any loss and therefore these survivors should be motivated to learn and get back to real life.

No # 5. The 2013 Transformations Scholarship by Project PAVE
Promoting alternatives to violence through education (PAVE) is a project that believes that youth is everything and young generation can play a vital role in changing sexual abuse through education. The mission started during 1986 and if you are a sexually abused child, less than 21 years and hold a GED or high school graduating senior then you can (should) apply for the scholarship.

No # 4. Survivor Scholarships by TREE Climbers
Tree climbers offer scholarship programs to childhood sexual abuse (CSA) survivors in the fields of Child development, Criminal justice, Social work and Nursing. The management of TREE Climbers understands the devastating effect of CSA and the difficult time faced by the children at school. Therefore, they aim to bring back the confidence of these survivors and empower them through education.

No # 3. Hope in Healing Scholarship
Hope in healing scholarship works through donations from philanthropists belonging to different fields of life but it is made sure that every single penny is served for the right cause. The main purpose of this scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to those sexually abused children who cannot afford therapy; regardless of what their age is at the time of joining. People with scholarships are given six months therapy either from an individual specialist or team of specialists.

No # 2. Hope in Healing Fund: Mary Bayard honorary scholarship
Hope in healing fund is another active fund in which whatever you donate is considered as a contribution from your side to help those who were abused sexually during their childhood. In 2009, seven people got scholarship while with the increment of two persons, there were nine people during 2010 that qualified for the scholarship and received therapies along with counseling from specialists.

No # 1. Children of Phoenix Scholarship
Education enables you to deal with all type of situations but unfortunately, many sexually abused children cannot continue their studies. Sexually abused survivors of Australia can benefit from The Children of Phoenix Scholarships and continue their educational career at primary, secondary, University or vocation community educational level. The scholarship provides maximum financial assistance to its beneficiaries.

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