Intravenous Line Insertion

Steps In Intravenous Line Insertion


Here is the example of how to do an intravenous line insertion. For easy understanding, we have shown demo for insertion technique.

When we need to start an intravenous line or IV, it is something which we must be aware of, especially if we are a medical student, a nurse, a paramedic or a phlebotomist. So, without this we cannot go ahead the same profession as it is one of the fundamental of nursing profession. However, during emergencies it may seem that starting the intravenous line is critical. But if we follow the below mentioned steps we can make the situation better.

So, first of all we need to look for a good spot on the patient’s body where we could start an intravenous line. We need to locate a prominent vein in the crook of the elbow. It is known as the “AC” and we need to start from here. In case of emergencies we can start with the veins of the scalp, feet or neck.

Then we need to apply a tourniquet just a above the spot. Now, we need to tie the tourniquet in a way so that it could be easily taken out after we insert the catheter.

Now, we need to wipe the same spot with the alcohol pad. While doing this, we can check the vein and it is better if it is in a straight line. However, the chosen vein should not be split off into two or more veins. That is why, previously it has been told to choose a large or prominent vein. Otherwise, merged veins could stop the catheter movement.

Once we are done, now we need to get catheter and remove its cap. Then, we need to pull the skin on the intravenous line spot tight with one hand and now we need to insert the needle of the catheter at the chosen spot on the patient’s body. After that, we need to keep the catheter as close as we could to the patient’s skin.

Then, within fraction of seconds, we would see the blood coming out in the catheter. Now, we need to remove the needle as per the instructions mentioned on the catheter. Once, we have taken out the needle, we need to secure it so anyone else cannot the injured or infected by it.

Now, we need to remove the tourniquet and this has to be done because any diversion from this could lead to tissue death or death of the patient. So, even by mistake also we cannot leave the tourniquet on. Then, we need to remove the plastic applicator from the catheter and we need to prevent the back-bleeding either by our finger pressure on the vein above the catheter or we can applying a 4×4 under the catheter to stop the excess flow of the blood.

Then, we need to attach the intravenous line tubing into the catheter. After that, we need to apply a tape to the catheter to stop the tube from moving. Now, we can open the intravenous line. If we have followed all the steps carefully, we would see the fluid dripping in the drip chamber through the tubing.

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How Male Nurses Should Draw Blood From Patients

draw blood training

A simple video showing how to draw blood from patient, done by male nurse.

The video below shows how nurses should draw blood from patients.


When it is about drawing the blood, there are actually few considerably simple steps which we can perform without the any particular medical assistance. However, those instructions has to be followed very cautiously as the condition of the patient may not be determined initially. Most of the time, we see a health care social worker drawing the blood instead of the doctor. That is why, a phlebotomy draw blood to look after the patient. So, it is assured that the doctor is not the only person on this earth who can draw the blood from the patient’s body. Rather by keeping the below mentioned instructions in mind, even we could do provide relief to a patient.

In this case, the priority is about knowing the usage of a vacutainer and needle along with syringe. If we are ready with that, then we need to get the proper name and date of birth of the patient. After that, we need to spot all tubes as per his/her identification and need to wear the rubber gloves to defend ourselves from any kind of bodily fluids.
In the second step, we need to arrange the tubes as per the blood drawn. At the same time, we must have tourniquet and alcohol swabs handy.

After this, we can draw the blood from the mainly common point which is known as the median cubital vein which actually runs on the internal part of our forearm. We have to look for this vein as it is very close on the surface of the skin and there are no other nerves around it.

The fourth step is about preparing the selected spot by placing a tourniquet on the upper part of the arm. It has to be firm enough so that we could make the vein prominent. Now, we need to gently touch the vein and need to draw the blood.

Now to draw the blood, we need to insert the needle into the same vein in a very gentle way but it has to be quick. The best part about this procedure is that the patient would not feel such pain.

Then, we need to push the vacutainer into the holder and we need to keep the needle stable as well. Now, we could see that the vacutainer is filling up without our intervention. In this way, now we can take out the quantity of blood for testing and keep it as a specimen for specific test. However, if anyone of us is using an old shaped syringe and needle, then we need pull back the syringe in order to start filling the tube with drawn blood.

Once we are done with that, then we need to take out the needle gently, just like the way we have inserted it. Then, right away we must dispose the needle and we need to apply gauze on the same spot on the patient’s forearm by holding it for some time.

At last, we can arrange the specimen of the drawn blood by gently swishing it and we need to make sure that we label it correctly if there are more than two specimens.

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Truth About Males In Nursing

Many decades ago, there was an conventional rule that only women could appropriate for the post of a teachers and nurses and by the same rule it was told that men are expert and proficient for construction work or in tasks which involves physical strength. However, as per the recent times the conventional has been faded away and today the situation is such that both men as well as women are into same professions of nursing. Women were always in this domain, however even male nursing also came into existence with the changing shape of society. That is why; today male nursing has become one of the prominent professions and in this domain, lots of male staffing is also taking place to get into the same nursing line of work.

However, there are few men who are still considering that the idea of male nursing has some kind of disgrace which is involved in this kind of professional services. On the other hand, the truth about male nursing is that today the entire world has altered radically with the introduction of these services. Moreover, in earlier days there was a prominent discrimination between the male and female nursing because there was not any specific guidelines on the basis of impartiality for this kind of profession. That is why, it has been believed that today whatever a man could do a woman can equally do the same and of course it’s opposite as well.  In this way, the scope of male nursing has come up with end number of opportunities for males and as well for females who wish to make their dreams into reality. So, it could be considered that there is no factor involved in this profession which makes it a female profession. Now, even males could take care of the patients and lend a hand the people who are seeking for better and unconventional medical assistance. After all, even men have proved themselves and defined that they could me more concerned like any other female nursing staff. That is how, today we could many of the male medical assistants and nurses who have successfully climbed the ladder of their own success slowly but surely.

To promote the same thought, there are organizations like the American Assembly of Male Nurses which are leaving no stone unturned to promote male nurses. Moreover, in these kinds of organizations, current and upcoming male staffs could come together and discuss about the challenges within the professions. At the same time, interested candidate could get the provision of scholarship as well. To get the best scholarship, male nursing students need to get in touch with their course advisor or the college financial assistance office. In this case, a male nursing student could also contact the college administrators as they are the best people for getting the proper scholarship information as per one’s need. Apart from this, a student could also go through the Federal Student Financial Aid website.

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