Nursing student tips

Nursing Student Must Read Out The Tips To Get Success

Study life is not easy, though as a student you will achieve lots of experiences. It cannot be said that nursing student life is one of the easiest. Like other university nursing course is one of the toughest. Student nurses are expected to abide the principles on nursing uniforms, which are usually set by the university management. Due to the extra ordinary task the nursing student engage on their study as well as hospital apprenticeship. So, in the article some essential advice had been mentioned, which will definitely help you. This advice will make their work better as a nursing student. So, below there are few important tips for nursing students has been mentioned.

You need to be bothered about your health. Fitness is a vital part of human being. Healthy body with healthy mind  will help you to accomplish your goal as nursing student. Pay attention to the the basic fitness which is to get enough sleep, right diet as well as abundance of water. If you perform these simple steps regularly everyday then you will be able to achieve a healthy health.

You must be familiar with your study method. Each and every individual had their own method of studying and we believe that you will have also one. The methodical way of study help you to preserve information and also it make simple for you that you can easily study and also memorize.

Other significant study tips for nursing student are the student must systematize a study group. A study group is an opportunity where students can share their knowledge with one another and at the same time the students can gather much knowledge from the other student. So group study helps you to provide as well as intake the knowledge.

You can request help from professors because they were also like you and they also had put on nursing uniforms like you. So, they can help you in better ways as they will understand the problem. There are many students who hesitate to ask the subject topic to the teacher. You need not to do like those students because if you will ask question to your teacher then it is sure that you will get a positive response.

You need to be friendly with your seniors. Friendliness will help you to create a study group. It is very significant that you must build a network with your senior nursing student as this will help you lot. Seniors will help you to understand the subject properly because they had read the subject before. If you join clubs such as science club or some student nurse association then this will help you to know different students such as seniors.

You must read out the books until and unless the lesson finished. This may seem illogical to you but the fact is that in nursing you have to read lot and also memorize a lot. After completing your studies you need to go through numerous test like NCLEX and also reviewing the lesson is compulsory. So, follow the above tips for nursing students and it is sure that it will show much effectiveness in your physical condition life as well as in nursing career.

Demand for neonatal nurses

Why there is a demand for neonatal nurses?

The health care industry involves various types of nurses such as registered nurse, practitioner nurse, and licensed nurse and so on. Another category of nurse that is involved in health care industry is the neonatal nurse practitioner. This category of nurse lies at the top-most level. This is mainly because of the duties that a neonatal nurse conducts. The main job of the neonatal nurse is to care for patients that are critically ill and look after the premature infants. The nurses in this category undergo a special kind of training that makes them a professional in dealing with such kind of situations. Overtime, there has been a lot of demand for neonatal nurses in the recent past in the United States. This demand for this category is mostly due to the following reasons.

  • Not many apply for neonatal nurse: One of the major factors responsible for huge demand for neonatal nurses is that the number of people who wish to apply for this category of nurse is quite low. The major reason for this is difficult processes that are involved in obtaining the license for the neonatal nurse practitioner. This has also led to a lack of supply of neonatal nurses especially when there is huge demand for them from the public in the US.
  • Increased birth survival rate of premature babies: It is reported that as many as forty thousand premature babies are born every year alone in the United States. Furthermore, studies also indicate that due to the specialized training provided to the neonatal nurses they are able to provide proper care to the premature babies. This in turn has increased the survivability rates of infants largely. To continue this trend, there is a need for more and more neonatal nurses, who can provide the much needed care for the premature babies and fill up the shortage of the neonatal nurses.

All these factors mentioned-above contribute greatly towards the demand of the neonatal nurse practitioners.

Gay male nurse

The Stereotype Of The Gay Male Nurse

“Look there’s a male nurse. He’s probably gay.” That whispered conversation and a million others like it are taking place around the world, everywhere and anywhere a male nurse might be working, or living. Though the politicians and evangelists like to say things like enlightened society, and tolerance, well sometimes the message is slow trickling down to the rest of the public.

There are actually male nurses who are gay and not ashamed of the fact. They tend to experience the stereotype firsthand and some of them speculated as to why it still exists, and so prominently. Nursing has been seen as a woman’s profession for a very long time. Statistically it still is. Over 2.8 million of the employed nurses across the nation are women. Only 180,000 or so are men.

Then there is also the fact that nursing, no matter how many degrees they hand out, is always going to be seen as what is called a subservient profession. This basically means that nurses will always be perceived as a sub group within the medical profession. Most people see nurses working with doctors. Therefore it logically follows in their minds that any man doing this job must like being seen as a woman in the professional or must like being subservient. And so they automatically think “gay”.

Male nurses, gay or otherwise, seriously resent this stereotype. They feel, and rightfully so, that it shouldn’t make a difference. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with how a person performs at a job. If it did, well that’s a failing in the person, and that happens anyway, regardless. Male nurses work as nurses because they love what they do. They do it because they have learned they can be good at it, and that there are a lot of opportunities out there for nurses from all walks of life,

In all four branches of the military combined, men make up over thirty five percent of the nursing staff. After leaving the military, these men often move into nursing careers at home. This is what they have been training for it only makes sense to try and find work at what you are good at.

The stereotype that male nurses are gay, or that nursing attracts mostly gay males is a ludicrous and antiquated misconception that was founded by a religious right that feared what it didn’t understand. There wouldn’t be any reason for a stereotype at all if the world stopped looking at gay men in such an awkward light in the first place. They are only people trying to make their way in the world. If others would spend less time caring how other people got along this world would be a lot better off.

The male nurses employed in nursing today are dedicated professionals who are willing to step outside the box. They realize two things, one that nursing needs more qualified professionals in every field of medicine. It wouldn’t matter if a nurse was gay, male or one-legged, as long as they had the training and the willingness to do the work, they would probably find employment quickly. And last but not least it makes no difference if a nurse is gay, not gay, black, yellow, red or green. A nurse is a nurse.

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How to become a male nurse

How to become the best male nurse

Although women still make up the majority of professional nurses and nursing students, there is plenty of room for everyone regardless of gender. If you want to become a male nurse there are some very simple things you can do to make it a painless and rewarding transition.

First and foremost, no matter what you do, if you are a male nurse you are going to be outnumbered. Get used to it. And get used to the looks that people are going to give you. Although society has become more accepting of men as nurses, there are still some people who are going to look at you like your nose fell off when you tell them you’re the nurse.

Do your best to find a school that is going to support and encourage you throughout your education. While the schools are admitting more and more men, there are still some areas you will need to watch. Look for schools that may have male staff, or other male students enrolled. A lot of the terminology in nursing is geared towards the female nurse. While that might be a problem for some, try to remember that words are words, and they aren’t doing it on purpose to make you angry.

Some hospitals are still insistent that men should not be allowed to work with women patients. Some patients will refuse to be cared for by you, and ask for a woman. Do your best to be pleasant and professional to everyone, regardless of how you feel on the inside.

Hold your head high if you have decided to take on nursing as a profession. Few jobs are more demanding, and few jobs give you the capacity to be help people every day. Nurses say that their jobs give them a sense of self-worth and purpose. It’s a good feeling knowing you are making a difference in the world. If you are going to be a nurse, then at least be a proud nurse.

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Confessions of a male nurse

Confessions of a male nurse why i want to be a nurse

People see male nurses, and often confuse them for janitors or doctors. In school male nurses are usually outnumbered 10 to 1. A lot of people think that male nurses are gay, and they make cruel jokes about that behind their backs. Have you ever wondered what the male nurse thinks of all that? Here is one man’s story call it: Confessions Of A Male Nurse.

I can still remember the look on my guidance counselor’s face when I told him that I wanted to be a nurse. “Wouldn’t you rather become a doctor? Men usually become doctors, not nurses.” I just shook my head as I left his office, it wasn’t his fault really. He just probably wasn’t used to the idea that men could become nurses. And he certainly isn’t alone in that.

I was working out at Gold’s, when in walked my friend Lenny. I hadn’t seen Len in over ten years, so I took a break and we sat down to catch up on things. “So what are you doing with yourself lately?” he asked me. “I heard you lost your job at the calculator factory.” “Well it’s been difficult yes, but I have a new career now. I was just certified as a registered nurse, I work in the general surgery department.” There was a silent pause there for a minute. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he took all that in. “A nurse? Really? You never struck me as the type who would go for that.”

At work it is a bit easier. Most of the time we are so busy, no one really stops to notice that I am a nurse. Most of our patients just want to be helped and go home. Not all of them however, just last week we had a patient in who was suffering from chest pains, and angina. I was asked to do the preliminary exam. Everything was fine for a minute, then the lady asked me, “Are you the doctor?” I replied. “No ma’am I’m the nurse, the doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

For a second I seriously thought she had had a heart attack. She turned three shades of red and then screamed at the top of her lungs. “Get this man away from me! I want a real nurse not some crazy man! Don’t let that weirdo touch me!” Other nurses came in to relieve me, there wasn’t much I could say except, “Sorry to have disturbed you, have a nice day.”

I like my job as a nurse, I like the challenge of trying to make it through this day and then the next. The work is never boring, and I am thinking of becoming a specialist. There is a lot of room in nursing for both men and women, and considering how understaffed most medical facilities are, you would think that more of them would realize that. Unlike most of my other male friends, I have never been out of work. In fact I am getting overtime right now. Male or female a nurse is a nurse.

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Male nurse oman

The Middle Eastern nation of Oman is a challenging place to work if you are a male nurse. In 1970, this nation took steps to modernize its healthcare and medical technology. In the last ten years alone the field of nursing has produced more jobs than any other group of professionals in the country.

Since the seventies the population of Oman has grown substantially. What used to be one of the poorest countries in the world, has made a complete turnaround. Health care is now available everywhere, and the profession itself has added many new hospitals and doctors’ offices. Now Oman has a new problem. There aren’t enough professional nurses to meet the rising demand.

Nursing in Oman is a respected and valued profession. In the last fifteen years the government has sponsored many initiatives to educate and train more medical professionals. The Ministry of Health is responsible for implementing these changes in Oman. But there is still a shortage of trained professionals that are natives to this country. Despite the fact that are an increased number of trained nurses, both foreign and native alike, this country still has problems meeting increasing demand.

Right now the country of Oman has twelve schools that offer a degree to nursing students. The ratio of male to female students is about one in seven. This is a bit of problem for the male nurses. The government feels that female nurses are able to work in more areas of medicine than men can. This is the same gender discrimination that characterized other countries attempt to introduce males into what was formerly an all female profession.

The idea of male nurses in Oman may take some time for the people to get used to. In the face of the severe nursing shortages facing this country and many others, it would seem prudent for them to embrace any nursing professional regardless of gender. But sometimes old habits die hard.

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Male nurse nightingale

Mohd Hafiz Hasmah has been called a male nurse nightingale many times, and he doesn’t deny it. He is proud of his career decision, even though in the city of Kuala Lumpur he is a distinct minority. However he has never looked back. Since learning about nursing at a career expo, he has completed the studies necessary to become a registered nurse. He has now been employed for three years at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, where he works in general surgery.

Hasmah says he chose the field of nursing because of its nearly unlimited career opportunities. He is considering specializing in intensive care. There is a severe nursing shortage everywhere, and the demand for qualified nurses is always high. Because of this, Hasmah says he has never really been the target of scorn or derision for choosing what was called women’s work in the past.

He states that there is a high demand for quality nursing care that will continue to create jobs for both men and women. The potential for career advancement, when combined with the chance to help others, couldn’t be ignored.

Muhamad Che Hasan is another perfect example of a male nurse nightingale. He considers his career choice a wise one, and calls it an exciting journey. He is well aware that he is in the minority in his profession. In some countries it is still considered a woman’s job to be a nurse, and he has been the target of scorn and derision. However he says with his family’s approval and support he continued his studies and is now employed at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital located in the city of Kuantan.

So is it a bad thing to be a male nurse nightingale? In the United States the stereotype against males in nursing has all but vanished. It is estimated that five percent of the nurses currently employed there are males. That number increases when you count the number of male nurses currently enrolled in nurses studies. This is a job that can be done by either sex. It’s about the patient after all, and maybe male patients would rather talk to male nurses sometimes.

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