Rehabilitation Nursing Scholarships

Rehabilitation Nursing

Nurses in this field provide physical and emotional support to patients and the families of patients with illnesses or disabilities that affect their ability to function normally and that may alter their lifestyle.

Rehabilitation Nursing Scholarships

Provide scholarships members of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) who are working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.
Amount of Award: $1,000/year
Number of Awards: 2/year
Duration of Award: 1 year
Deadline: May of each year
Contact Information:
Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
4700 W Lake Ave
Glenview, IL 60025
Phone: Gayle Elliott (800) 229-7530
Fax: (888) 458-0456
see also Mary Ann Mikulic Scholarship

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Occupational Nursing Scholarships

Occupation Nursing Scholarships

Occupational Health Nurses (OHN)s are registered nurses who independently observe and assess the worker’s health status with respect to job tasks and hazards. Using their specialized experience and education, these registered nurses recognize and prevent health effects from hazardous exposures and treat workers’ injuries/illnesses.

Thousands of nursing scholarships and grants, ranging from local community-based grants to college nursing scholarships and federal nursing grants, are available to nursing students. Below i have listed some nursing scholarship and grants. Bookmark this site for easy reference !


Provision of scholarships is contingent on donations given. The Foundation’s focus in on providing scholarships to nurses (RNs) who are working on a bachelor’s or graduate degree to prepare for a career in occupational and environmental health.
Amount of Award: $2,500-3,000/year
Number of Awards: 1-2/year on average (availability of 5 grants per year contingent on funds)
Duration of Award: 1 year (may reapply for two additional (three total) years, see eligibility criteria on AAOHN website).
Deadline: December 1st of each year
Contact Information:
AAOHN Foundation
2920 Brandywine Road, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30341-4146
Phone: 770-455-7757 ext. 107
FAX: 770-455-7271

Long term care nursing scholarships

Long Term Care Nursing Scholarship

As our populace grows in our country, coupled with the aging of many, it is imperative that our medical schools educate and graduate nurses to fulfill our society’s critical need for this long term nursing care shortage. Long term care male nursing scholarships are available.

The majority of long term nursing care needed can be found from patients that are too old to physically care for themselves or with medical problems from such diseases as Diabetes or Alzheimer’s. As our baby boomers continue to age, a strain for specialized nurses will continue to grow. Stroke or accident patients can also need long term nursing care. Whether the long term care is located at the patient’s home, a nursing home or a rehabilitation center, nurses need to be trained for their specific needs.

A major way to promote an influx of more specialized nurses for the treatment of patients who need long term nursing care is through giving them access to many scholarships. Now, with the help from private and public organizations, and the Federal Government, programs have been implemented to help individuals gain access to these scholarships.

Long term care nursing scholarships from private and public organizations exists in many states. Once an individual starts looking, they will be amazed. As stated by, in North Carolina, The Virginia Elizabeth and Alma Vane Taylor Student Nurse Fund offers up to a thousand dollars for nursing educational expenses, regardless of the specialty. According to the University of Iowa College of Nursing, through their Geriatric Nursing School, they have a 2.2 million dollar gift commitment to the UI Foundation for nursing scholarships.

The United States Department of Health and Human Resources has stated that the Federal Government has initiated a nursing scholarship program. This program virtually pays for all your nursing school expenses and gives a monthly stipend for the aid in living expenses. In return, the individual must work at certain health facilities for two years after graduation. There are also other restrictions.

There are many more scholarships associated with long term nursing care education. Take the time and find what is best for your circumstances.

IHC FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP (no longer listed from their websit but they have 2-year Training Acceleration Grant program)
Provide scholarship to students in Indiana who are working on a nursing degree.
Indiana Health Care Foundation, Inc.
Amount of Award: $700-$1,500/year
Duration of Award: 1 year
Deadline: April each year
Contact Information:
Attn: Jen Tyson
Phone: (317)636-6406

College Nursing Scholarships

College scholarships and grants for nursing

Nursing is a fine profession that requires compassion, intelligence and strength. Going through the training and educational process is not easy. To help obtain the finances to make it through the years of study, nursing scholarships are available for those who qualify. A written essay is a very important element of the application process. Some scholarships are chosen exclusively on the contents of the essay that addresses the concerns of the program.

Write the essay according to the instructions on the scholarship application. There should be a clear outline with an introduction, body and conclusion. Introduce the topics to be discussed, go into the discussion and conclude with the points of what was discussed. Answer any questions or concerns expressed by the program. If necessary have the writing edited by an English teacher.

Avoid anyone asking for a credit card number, charging a fee or promising that some kind of scholarship is sure to be won. There are scams which appear to be offering scholarships. No one can guarantee a scholarship will be obtained. Do not go to a motel room to pick up a financial aid package unless you want to hear a long sales pitch on a scholarship search service.

The student must make a decision to go for an Associate degree which takes about 2 to 3 years or a Bachelor’s degree which takes 4 to 5 years. Job opportunities will be about the same coming out of college, but more opportunities are available for the Bachelor’s degree graduates later on in a career. A Masters degree can be obtained for the Advanced Practicing Nursing degree (A. P. N.) which allows for diagnosis of medical conditions and prescribing medicines much like a doctor.

Writing the scholarship essay should include personal goals and forward looking statements in the nursing field. Answer any questions thoroughly adding individual personality and charisma. Show the judges that you are a unique person who desires to be of service in the nursing profession. Be serious about the goals ahead and be original with each essay written for each scholarship. Good luck! There are more state by state nursing scholarships. College nursing scholarships for single mothers are listed too.

College nursing grants

Provides financial assistance to students who participate in programs of the Texas Interscholastic League Foundation and plan to study nursing.
Amount of Award & Duration: $8,000 each, payable $2,000 each semester of the first two years
Number of Awards: 1/year
Contact Information:
Attn: Brenda Baxendale, TILF Scholarship Coordinator
P.O Box 8028
Austin, Texas 78713-8028
Phone: (512) 232-4937

Provides nursing scholarships to Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) students
Amount of Award: Varies. Full Scholarship
Number of Awards: Varies
Duration of Award: 1 year
Deadline: September of each year
Contact Information:
Attn: Financial Aid
300 North Main Street
Versailles, KY 40383
Phone: (859) 256-3100