Professional Liability Insurance For Nurses

Do Nurses Need Their Own Professional Liability Insurance?

If you’re in the medical field, you are dealing directly with the health and wellbeing of the people that come to see you for care.  While you might do everything in your power to make sure that your patients become well again, sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to; and unfortunately, those patients may see you as the reason for their predicament.

Before you know it, you’re involved in a nasty lawsuit, which can tarnish your reputation and especially burden you financially.  While it is well known that medical doctors need malpractice and professional liability insurance, nurses also need coverage as well.

The Nurse Coverage Myth

It is a widely propagated myth that if you are a nurse, then you don’t need professional liability insurance coverage.  The reason is because, usually, employers are the ones that provide this coverage to their nurses.  However, there are a couple reasons why you should still purchase your own policy.

First, employers are going to have their own policies that suit their own interests.  In the event that you end up in a lawsuit, your employer is looking out for the company’s interests, first and foremost.  If burying your career will allow them to walk away unscathed during a law suit, then the attorney’s working for your employer are going to do just that.

In addition, sometimes these policies don’t often cover all employees by name, meaning that you might be left vulnerable in the event that your name ends up in the suit.

What Your Own Policy Can Do

Of course, many employers will not want you to purchase your own coverage for the simple fact that it isn’t in their best interests.  First, this should say volumes about their intentions; and second, it is none of your employer’s business whether you are covered or not.

Essentially, having your own policy means that you will have an attorney going to bat for you and your interests alone.  Also, it means that you can actually protect yourself from financial liability, and you can even have representation before the Board of Nurses.

Sometimes employers can even hold their own nurses liable for various problems in the workplace.  Having your own policy gives you protection against your own employer, which is another reason why many medical care providers don’t want their nurses to purchase their own policies.

Having your own insurance will give excellent protection for your nursing license and overall professional reputation.

Your Own Policy

One reason why many in the medical industry don’t get professional liability insurance is because they believe it to be too expensive.  While medical doctor’s malpractice insurance is expensive, it is rather reasonable for nurses.

In fact, nurses can get their own professional liability insurance for about $100 per year, which comes to less than $10 per month.  For the protection you can receive for having your own policy, it would be well worth the cost.  It’s basically peace of mind for the price of three lattes a month.

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Nursing student liability insurance

A General Over View On Liability Nursing Insurance Schemes

Nursing is a noble and rewarding profession for many. There has been a steady increase in the number of students who have taken up nursing as their career who later on turn their care for human society in to their sole purpose of living life. They get together to have the knowledge about the profession of nursing so that they are aware of every thing and then only can they be helpful towards the human society. Nurse work up on to benefit the ailing patients. It may be so that it seems that the doctors are the real healers of the maladies but with out the aid of the nurses the doctors will be hapless in their venture to save the world. Thus both are intricately woven with each other in this profession to give away the utmost services to the ailing people.

Nurses are given the status of doctors, they do acquire the professional training for taking care of the ailment and the immediate steps for keeping the ailment in control rather than making it go out of proportions due to negligence, but there are at times when nurses are clueless about some of the disease and they are not able to take the certain steps for the betterment. In this case often the patient suffers from excruciating pain and it may happen that the patient may even die. The family members of the patient out of discontent file a law suit against that particular nurse or doctor. It may be seen that there was actually nothing left to be done for saving the patient but the people fail to understand it and thus they go on to  filling the law suit. Thus in order o safeguard them selves almost every one in the nursing profession goes on to having a nursing liability insurance scheme for them selves. They are keen to keep legal matters at bay and thus they go on to have these insurance schemes for their own good.

There is even liability insurance for nursing students; this way they can go on to safeguarding their career from unnecessary law suits. These schemes are quite helpful fro keeping the nurses safe and sound in their career so that they can thrive to serve the ailing people more and for a longer period of time. They need to see that these insurance schemes are not at all a waste of money for them rather they go on to saving the nurse his profession.

The information regarding these insurance schemes can be procured online and you can even go on to have a check on them in the various insurance sites which give out these benefits to the medical personnel in particular. If you want to get the information the old fashioned way then you can find them in the yellow pages as well. What ever be the medium make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions carefully before negotiating with the insurance companies so that later on you are not faced with discrepancies.

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RN malpractice insurance

Choose To Get A Registered Nurse Malpractice Insurance For Yourself

The profession of nursing is among the most noble in the whole word wide. You can get to do a lot of stuff for the ailing people who are pained fro different kinds of illness. If you are sure that you want to serve the society in the best possible way by being in contact with them 24×7 then nursing is the best profession for you. Doctors are given most importance in the field of medical science but nurses are no less important. They too give out their best efforts for saving and provide relief to a diseased person. Thus the profession of nursing is no less important than that of doctors.

Nowadays with the advent of online education, more and more people are getting themselves engaged in to this profession so that they can cater their care and service to the society. This is a very noble profession and a paying one as ell. This is the reason why more and more are switching to this career these days. But there are times when mistakes are committed by even the most experienced of nurses or doctors while treating an ailing body.

Almost all medical professional who are actively in practicing it as their livelihood get them selves a registered nurse malpractice insurance plan for themselves. This scheme helps them to be safeguarded against the law suits that are filed against them by the displeased family members of the patient. The judge rules these mistakes as professional errors and thus the medical professionals such as the nurses get these plans for themselves.

There are many times when we see that the doctors and the nurses are unable to do any thing, as they feel that they have given their 100% to the patient and there is nothing more that can be done, but in most cases the family members refuse to think in that manner and they feel that the professionals have “killed” their kith or kin thus these are the times when they file a law suit against those particular medical professional. But you need to know one thing that if you are a nurse who is practicing this as his profession then you need to get your self an insurance company who provides you with the best benefits in a registered plan for you.

When you are searching for the best registered plan you may get confused at first and hence you need to do your research in an organized manner. First you need to see through the various features provided by the insurance plan providers. This you can do with the help of the free quotes of this plan which will help you to compare and get the best rate for your self. The next thing is that you need consult a professional who has the expediency of handling these issues well and then only can you get the best plan for you self. It is true that if you are attached with a government organization then they will formulate a plan for you but if that is not the case then you need to get one in this way.

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Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners

Malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners

Types Of Malpractice Insurance For Nurse Practitioners

Because a nurse practitioner works in a specialized field of medicine, he or she may be more likely to be targeted with a malpractice lawsuit. The number of lawsuits against nurse practitioners increased last year, and all across the board prices for malpractice insurance shot up as well. But the insurance is still cost effective considering that a physician may pay almost three times as much for the same policy.

When it comes to malpractice insurance for nurse practitioners there are two basic types for you to consider. All malpractice suits fall into one category or another depending on the time they are brought into court. Everyone who is licensed as a nurse practitioner is strongly urged to take out malpractice insurance of some form or another.

Often an employer will pay the costs of malpractice insurance, but this money may dry up as soon as the ink is dry on the lawsuit, so nurse practitioners are urged to get their own policies regardless of employment or affiliation.

Most insurance companies offer two types of malpractice insurance to nurse practitioners. They are called occurrence and claims made. Occurrence policies could be considered a sound investment to a quiet future. They cover a nurse practitioner even after retirement as long as the policy was paid when the actual alleged malpractice occurred. A nurse practitioner is still covered even though may have dropped the policy after retirement and stopped paying the premium.

Claims made insurance covers the nurse practitioner against claims made at the time of the alleged incident. However a claims made insurance policy only covers the nurse practitioner as long as they still continue to hold that policy. If they retire without it, they may be liable for all expenses incurred in what could be an expensive malpractice proceeding.

It is often suggested that a smart nurse practitioner choose occurrence insurance over claims made. However some companies have started to introduce what is called a tail policy. This policy is designed to take effect after a claims policy has been dropped and will cover the nurse practitioner for past acts. However this insurance is a lot more expensive when you consider you could accomplish the same thing if you started out with an occurrence policy from the beginning.

It is also suggested that a smart nurse practitioner can greatly reduce the risks of a malpractice lawsuit by following some simple rules. Always document everything you do for a patient, whether it be administering a medication, or taking them out for some therapy. That way if your activities are ever called into question, you have written proof that you did everything correctly.

Also make sure to engage in risk management whenever possible. If you work in an office, make sure that the other employees are following the same safe practices you are. You certainly don’t want to be dragged into court because someone else was being lazy or unsafe. Even if it doesn’t cost you money it could damage your professional reputation beyond repair. If you feel this could happen to you, seek work elsewhere soon. And make sure you go out and buy your own malpractice insurance.