Types of nursing careers and salaries

Nursing is a great career for your future. This career gives you ample scope to help many people. Many people still believe that nurses do simple jobs such as cleaning up after the patients, taking care of their needs and moving them to another room. This is not entirely correct. You will find lots of registered nurse or higher has higher responsibilities like carrying out the doctors’ orders, carrying out direct treatment, making recommendations to doctors and interpreting patient status.

Several students opt for a career in nursing. This is because of the vast career opportunities they get from a nursing degree. There are varied types of nursing careers and salaries from which the students can choose from.

It is a known fact that in all fields, higher the degree the better is the salary. And nursing is no exception! Salaries for RN is always much higher than a LPN or a LVN. So, if you are interested in making a career in nursing then you should look for ways to accelerate your RN salary by getting the appropriate educational qualification and of course experience.

Currently, nurses are very much in demand due to the on-going shortage of manpower. Qualified nurses have great career opportunities in government as well as private health care institutes across the country. Nurses not only have career potential but also salary potential if you have the right kind of degree and experience in this noble field.

Nursing salaries depend on various factors:

  • Nursing degree and education: As much as the nursing degree is important to pave a smooth career path, the way in which you obtain the degree is equally important. You need to do some researching before you choose a nursing program. Different programs such as LPN degree, RN degree, Nursing diploma, Associate’s degree, BSN degree are available which offer different nursing education with different time frames. Individuals need to choose the one which fits their career endeavor.
  • Experience: Like any other profession, RN salary too depends on the years of experience the individual brings with them. If you have an impressive experience list of let’s say 4-5 years, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to bring in good salary at a top health care institute.
  • State and city where you work: This is a very important factor as far a RN salary goes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses have higher salaries in larger cities like New Your, Los Angeles or Chicago. They also have better benefits and perks when compared to smaller cities or towns. It’s because the cost of living is much higher in larger cities.

Nursing is not a charity profession for sure and nurses get paid well too, for the service they render to mankind.

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