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CNA training overview

Health Care is a growing field and there is a constant need for new entry level candidates. In fact, the Bureau of Labor indicates that by the year 2015, certified nursing assistant jobs will have increased by at least 20%. As a certified nursing assistant, you can get your foot in the door of the health care field and gain experience in health care settings. Often, candidates use the position as a CNA to begin their climb up the ladder in the health care field.

As a certified nursing assistant (or CNA) you should be in good physical health and obtain a CNA certificate. In order to be certified, you generally must pass a CNA course that can be completed in three to six months and pass a comprehensive exam after your course is completed. Upon completion of your certification, you can expect to be hired as a CNA and immediately (under the supervision of a nurse) be charged with the direct care of patients. Often, financial assistance is available for the course and test. There are lots of CNA Scholarships programs available for all ages.

Many potential CNAs take courses at local technical school or community college. Some courses do require a clinical rotation in a local hospital or health care setting. You can learn CNA certificate online. In this internet world, Online CNA Training can be very fast and convenient way for those who can not go to traditional school.

As a CNA it is your duty to care for the patient and perform a number of vitally important functions. Duties may or may not include taking vital signs, help with medical procedures and collect samples for testing, keep the patient’s room tidy and make beds, feed patients and monitor intake of food, answer call lights, and assist patients with walking and getting in and out of bed and other duties.

Once certified, CNA salaries can range from $20,000 to $31,000 depending on location and socioeconomic status of the community as well as the type of facility for which you are hired. As with any job, salary does increase with experience. Certified nursing assistants with up to four years experience can expect salaries beginning with $22,000 and up to $55,000. The longer you work, the higher your salary will climb. Many times CNAs do go on to obtain nursing degrees, though some do decide to continue for years as a certified nursing assistant.

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