Top 5 Advantages And Top 5 Disadvantages For Male Nurse

Nursing is a very noble and honorable profession. It is very lucrative and it promises the career aspirant great job prospects. Both females and men are working here and the latter in the nursing industry roughly make up five percent of the total nurses in the nation. There is a common misconception that the nursing industry is one that predominantly is the domain of females. Females have been an integral part of the nursing profession for ages and now men are gradually entering the domain. The sector has a number of males who are joining the industry on a regular basis and the top 5 advantages and top 5 disadvantages for male nurses have been listed below:

Advantages for male nurses

1. Attractive Salaries: One of the best parts of the nursing profession is the remuneration that is offered to nurses. The hard work does have a good pay and this is the reason why you can opt for this profession.

2. Career Scope: The career growth opportunities of the nursing profession are immense and there is a huge shortage of certified nursing professionals in the industry. This is the reason why joining the sector ensures that you will be promoted in any of the higher fields in no time.

3. Challenging Field: The nursing career is one that is a challenging job. There are many people who require medical attention and saving the lives of critical patients is indeed a commendable and fulfilling task.

4. Respect In Society: Nurses hold a high standing social respect in society. Everyone respects a nurse and this is one of the best rewards that your job can give you.

5. Excitement Of Job: The nursing job is one that promises you never ending excitement. You will never feel bored in the job and each day gives you something challenging to do.

Disadvantages for male nurses

1. Need To Take the Extra Pressure: Since you are a man you need to take additional physical pressure and handle more than the female nurse can do.

2. Management Issues: The male may have management issues more than a woman. Generally men are more outspoken and they tend to be more argumentative about their job responsibilities and rights.

3. Gender Bias: The nursing professional has been traditionally associated with the female gender. Patients still can relate and connect to female patients more than males.

4. Social Acceptance: People still holds the idea that males in the nursing sector are effeminate. This is a common notion that prevails in the minds of many people and this is one factor that deters aspiring male students from becoming certified nurses in the industry.

5. Lack Of Public Awareness: As mentioned above the number of male nurses in the nursing professional is roughly around 5 %. There is a huge shortage of male nurses in the sector and the level of public awareness in this regard is less.

The above are the top five advantages and disadvantages of being a male nurse in the medical and healthcare industry.