Top Ten Nursing Scholarships for Disabled American Students

Many disabled Americans are going to college. They are admired for taking that extra step to push themselves toward a degree to help others. Several disabled Americans are attracted to the nursing field. This is appropriate because of the natural desire to “give back.” This is appropriate because of the natural desire to “give back.” Providing a needed service to patients is rewarding.

Opportunities for male and female disabled Americans are immense. They exist in pediatrics, geriatrics, dentistry and more. You can find a wealth of opportunities and information you will benefit from on the Internet, including disability offerings for nursing students, nurses working with disabilities, organizations that can help you find information on nursing scholarships for men and much more.

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities are gladly hiring disabled nurses as a part of their work diversity programs.

There are several scholarships and grants available for people with disabilities. Below are some of the top nursing scholarships for men and women:

Family Nursing Scholarships:
1. University of Washington: ADA-assisted career opportunities range from floor nursing and ICU to telephone triage and pharmaceuticals.

2. University of California, San Francisco: The ADA Foundation awards two annual $2500 scholarships.

3. University of Pennsylvania: ADA offers nursing scholarships within a broad spectrum of areas.

4. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut: Yale’s ADA ENDOWMENT & ASSISTANCE FUND, INC. offers nursing scholarships in Dental Assisting.

5. University of Colorado, Boulder: Boulder’s Work-Study program offers varying ADA medical scholarships with the additional benefit part-time jobs placement for disabled students.

6. University of Baltimore, Maryland: ADA scholarships in nursing’s goal is to relieve the United States’ of its shortage of nurses. Grants are provided help to diversify its student population.

7. Columbia University, NYC: The Foundation for Neonatal Research and Education offers several career paths to those with disabilities.

8. University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Minorities may find matches with hundreds of nursing scholarships opportunities. This university is founded on diversity.

9. The American Dental Association, Chicago: The American Dental Association offers three awards to minority students entering dental programs. The scholarships are worth $2,500.

10. Rush University, Phoenix: Rush provides a culturally varied student population including minorities and students with disabilities. You may apply for an ADA Scholarship at Rush, with certain prerequisites.

For more information, please research the Society for Nurses With Disabilities for a myriad of useful links for research.