International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship

The International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship is a wonderfully deep electronic journal that delves into many topics that face modern nursing education.  Through electronic formats and low subscription rates The journal is able to reach a global readership almost instantly.

The journal publishes articles that discuss the realm of nursing education.  These papers may be research related, discuss the use of innovative tools to approach nursing education globally,   or they may deal with the issues involved in nursing education.

Because the Journal is peer-reviewed the contents is consistently relevant to modern issues.   Nursing educations is a constantly changing and advancing science that requires input from every possible source as a means to shape and mold future educational standards as well as to point out the needs of current nursing educational goals.

Because the journal is fully electronic it embraces a wide selection of delivery tools on a global basis.  The electronic format is itself an example of how innovative technologies can be used to reach nurses anytime and anyplace.  The appeal of an electronic journal is a welcomed vehicle of nursing education.  The journal understands that being a nurse is sometimes a hectic lifestyle where taking time off from work to attend convectional classroom learning is not always possible.  The electronic format allows nurses and students to engage in nursing education through many of the abundant  electronic devises available.  Devices such and an I POD or smart phone would allow readers to access the journal at their convenience.

The International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship is a first of its kind journal that brings home the issues and tools of nursing education to a global community of nurses.  The articles themselves are engaging and dedication to quality is provided by the editorial staff.

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