Military Nurse

An Insight Into Military Nursing Career

Nurses joining the Military Nursing Career provide their services to the armed force personnel. They care for the sick and injured soldiers who risk their lives for the nation. Therefore it is not wrong to say that the nurses in this field provide dual services; they not only serve the army of the country but also the nation. The history of military nursing could be traced back to the time when Florence Nightingale offered medical services to the soldiers who fought in Crimean War in the 19th century. The nurses joining the military career have to be very courageous as they have to deal with extreme situations. They often have to offer services to soldiers who are very badly injured and battered in wars. Having a Military Nursing Career is highly esteemed as it is a very noble task.

Nurses serving in the military can have varied duties, like, working as a civilian contractor. The length of a service is determined by the type of service chosen. These military nurses have to face extremely stressful situations; therefore it is advisable to get experience in emergency and other critical care situations before enlisting.

The qualification required to be a military nurse is having a Bachelor’s degree in Science and getting a registered nurse (RN) certificate. It is also necessary to be a citizen of the country where one wants to take up Military Nursing Career and have a clean criminal record. The salary is also high in this field compare to other nursing careers. Educational reimbursement is made available to nurses dedicating their lives in this noble field.

Military nurse salary is around $53,000 per year along with some very strong benefits.

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