Wound Care Specialist, Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

A Brief Introduction Of Wound Care Specialist ,  Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

Enterostomal therapy is a specialized field of nursing that involves abdominal aperture, dermal wounds, pressure ulcers and related skin conditions. The nurses trained in this field have to take proper care of patients so as to avoid the development of skin problems. Wound care is a major part of Enterostomal therapy. The qualities of a good wound care nurse are-   compassionate nature, a strong stomach and a very light touch. Wound care is usually done in a clinic that is well equipped to treat wounds and particular sores. It is also a highly esteemed position in hospitals, nursing home clinics and convalescent centers where old age patients are prone to getting bed sores.

The educational requirement of a wound care specialist is a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and a certification in the wound care management field.  The nurses dedicated in this field have to spend a great amount of time in education as most theories on pain management and wound care are modified rapidly. The use of new practices and bandages are developed time to time.

It is the responsibility of a wound care specialist to aid their patients in changing and dressing wounds. They aim to help the patient in healing their wounds at the same time prevent infection and scarring. It is a known fact that an infected wound can lead way to many complications in the condition of the patient, the main being the need for amputation of skin or a limb. If proper care is not taken at the right time it can also lead to the death of the patient.

Average salary for wound care specialist nurse is around $64,000. It varies throughout the cities and personal experience. Here’s some wound care nurse pay statistics in some of the state.
Wisconsin $78,500
Texas $62,700
Arizona $69,831
Kansas $65,500
Maryland $120,500
Florida $81,500
Texas $60,000

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