Palliative Care Nurse

What does a palliative care nurse do

The term “Palliative Care Nursing” is used in for the medical attention that is needed by patients for relieving and preventing their suffering. It is aimed towards making the life of a patient better. The job of a palliative care nurse involves making a patient self supportive, bringing improvement in condition of the patient, providing information about the disease the patient is suffering from, giving psychological support to the patient and its family members, symptom support, socially supporting the patient, therapy of the patient, offering spiritual support and bereavement care. A Palliative Care Nurse aims to help the patient accept death as a normal process which every person has to go through and reduce the pain of the patient.

Palliative Care nurse helps to make the life of the patient normal until death and help the family deal with the patient’s illnesses and the bereavement that befalls them after. The duties of the nurse involve interaction with the patient on a social level, supporting the patient on his bad days when he is feeling depressed and helping him to live an active life. They also help the patient in dealing with the treatment.

A Palliative Care Nurse also provides support to the family members of the patient after his death and help to cope with their grief. Any registered nurse can provide palliative caring by acquiring a certificate of hospice and palliative care. The formal training for palliative care includes the standard classroom assignments, which comprises of nursing, nutrition, physiology, and anatomy and most importantly courses in psychology.

Palliative care nurse salary is between $49,000 to $53,500 While Palliative care nurse practitioner salary is little higher and usually pays $52,000 to $64,000.

To become certified hospice nurse or palliative nurse, You can also contact The National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses (NBCHPN) at

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