Nursing ethics

The Ethical Dilemmas that Nurses Often Face

A nurse has the health of another person in the palm of their hand. Critical mistakes to be made can be found from every aspect of many situations. A nurse has to put aside personal thoughts and emotions, in many cases, in order to make the right decision for the patient. There will come many times within a nurse’s career that they will face nursing ethical dilemmas. These problems can arise from unexpected places and put the jeopardy of their job and well-being at risk. In order to avoid these dilemmas it is imperative that a nurse always remembers the nurses code of ethics.

In all professional relationships a nurse should treat people with dignity, respect, and individual worth. This should be done without any regard to economical status, nature of health problems, or personal attributes.

A nurse’s primary commitment should always be to the patient. This should be done regardless of whether the patient is an individual, a family, a whole group, or an entire community.

An ethical nurse should always be the advocate for the patient’s health. They should always keep the patients safety and rights in mind.

The ethical nurse will provide the patient with the best care possible by delegating tasks as needed to the staff that they are overseeing,and will be responsible for individual nursing practices at all times.

An ethical nurse will treat herself or himself in the same regard as the patients they treat. They will maintain competence and ensure professional growth.

Through collective action, the nurse will continuously participate in the health care environment for the patients and staff.

The ethical nurse will participate in advancement of the nursing profession and ensure knowledgeable development in all aspects of the job.

The nurse will work with others in the medical profession in order to meet all areas of the health care need.

Shaping social policy, maintaining integrity in the profession, and articulating nursing values, should be at the forefront of the nursing profession and all of its members.

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