Air Force Nursing | Now Even a Male Can Become a Nurse in Air Force

It was first started by the Florence Nightingale, who has spent only three years in the nursing profession but later on became the prominent figure in the world history. By this example, it has been cleared that how important a nurse could be in defense services. So, be it Army, Navy or Air Force, every part of these armed forces requires sufficient medical staff which has to be in KOI nursing uniforms. That is why, from the Air Force to the Coast Guard, every military are responsible for providing the best medical care in any given number of motivating as well as worst situations and settings. Even though such rules are implemented, we would see that today one third of the entire Air Force is comprised male and female military nursing staffs. Moreover, the one-third of all military nurses of the three defense services is comprised of men.

Apart from that, most of the Air Force nurses are eligible for sign-on bonuses of the amount of $20,000 to $30,000 which is usually given with their aggressive salary. However, the amount goes up to $120,000 if any male nursing staff needs to repay the school loan replacements. Moreover, these amounts are paid out in $40,000 per year installments for the duration of three years. At the same time, male nurses who are on duty, they receive housing allowances along with the thirty days of paid vacation within a year. That is not all, all the male nursing staffs are also eligible for low-cost dental scrubs and health insurance plans. They could also choose for munificent retirement plans. If there are specific male nurses corporations, then they also receive lots of financial incentives.

However, to qualify the Air Force or any other military nursing, a male must math with the eligibility criteria. For instance, he must be a citizen of the United States and his age must be falling within the age of twenty one to forty two years.¬† At the same time, all males must have a valid RN license and a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. Moreover, all of them must be aware of the medical services skill sets and all candidates must pass the security investigations as well. Then regarding the growth, the first scope will come after serving on active duty for one year.

As far as the Air Force male nursing scholarships are concerned, there are many colleges which are there for the males who are currently serving in Air Force or they have retired. The best part about these services is that these kinds of financial help could be enjoyed by the immediate family member of the defense personnel. Though, all the benefits and privileges may differ from the active or retired defense personnel. Moreover, with these scholarships defense personnel could repay his student loans, they can also take scholarships for their parents; they can apply for scholarship for the repayment of the graduate scholarships as well.

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