Male nurse salaries

Average Male Nurse Salary Statistics

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to figure out what a male nurses salary might be. Out of over 2 million nurses employed in the United States only eleven percent of those are male. In the table below is listed the average annual salary that a registered nurse makes. This figure may vary from place to place, there are other things to think about such as how much experience does the nurse have? What are the average wages for that geographical area? This page has a breakdown of what registered nurses make in each state. But on an average it was shown that male nurses with equal training and experience are getting slightly higher salaries than the women are.

There are a couple reasons for this that don’t really have anything thing to do with sexism. Statistics show that male nurses are more likely to take more courses than female nurses. Male nurses are also specializing in areas of medicine that pay more. A majority of male nurses have been in the military where they received advanced training and an excellent pay grade.

There are other factors to consider. For example a male nurse is often younger than his female counterpart. The median age for male registered nurses is 25. This often means that the male nurse is free to work more hours, take overtime and holiday pay, and other things that a female nurse might have to pass on if she has a family at home.

Male nurses are also displaying a tendency to go after the higher paying jobs. Anesthesiology for example pays a lot more than maternity. And forty nine percent of the registered nurses working in that field are men. This is just one example, and just one reason why male nurses are getting more then the women who work the same jobs.

Statistics show that last year the female RN earned an average salary of $1,011 a week. For male nurses over the same time period the average salary was $1,168. This doesn’t really make much sense from a labor relations standpoint. Everyone should get the same salary for the same job, regardless of their qualifications or gender. If they can do the job, they should get paid for the job. And if they’re going to get paid for the job, they should make the same thing everyone makes on the same job.

Not every area can afford to pay high salaries to its nurses. Sometimes the old stereotypes kick in of the man as the big breadwinner, and human resources people are just as likely to give a higher salary to the male nurse as anyone else. It’s ingrained in our nature, and it’s kind of hard to let go even in more enlightened times. Soon there will come a time when gender truly won’t matter. At all.

how much does a male nurse make?

The male nurse average salary is about $49,000 and these male nurse salaries can differ greatly due to their company where they work in, the location, the type of industry, the benefits that they receive and the years of experience that they have. Male nurses have the scope to work in a number of fields and designations. These designations also have their own average salary brackets and some of them have been outlined below-

1. The Licensed Practical Male earns $29,000.

2. The Male Nurse Practitioner earns $60,0000.

3. The Registered Nurse-Male earns $50,000.

4. The Clinical Male Nurse Earns $48,000.

5. The Physician Assistant Male Earns $58,000.

6. The Male Practical nurse Earns $32,000.

7. The Male Nurse Specialist Earns $54,000.

8. The Community Health Nurse Male Earns $45,000.

When it comes to the male nurse average salary it has been observed that both the males and the females in the health care profession are given equal pay. There is a common notion that females are paid higher and in certain cases the vice-versa is also thought however depending on the factors that have been stated above the pay for both genders are equal. There are many myths and certain stereotypes about male nurses not getting what they deserve and need. Times have changed and male nurses in the medical and health care industry are growing day by day. The pay is based on the duties performed by both gender and the question of either of them getting paid more or less does not arise!

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