Alaska board Of nursing

Alaska Board Of Nursing (ABN)

The Alaska Board of Nursing is similar to many of the other nursing boards that have been formed in various states. The main objective of this Board is to take care of the health issues of all the residents in the state of Alaska. It also has the sole responsibility of rendering quality education to future nursing assistants in the state.

The Alaska Board Of Nursing has the following duties:

  • It adopts regulations for the execution of laws that govern the practice of nursing.
  • It adopts regulations for the execution of laws that govern the work of nurse aides.
  • It has the objective of promoting and protecting the health of the citizens of Alaska via a practice of healthcare cum nursing that is a safe and efficient one.
  • It makes all the final decisions that relate to licenses.
  • It takes disciplinary action against individual who violate laws that relate to licensing.
  • It conducts meeting four times a year and provides a period for public comment at each meeting.

In addition to the above the Alaska Board of Nursing (ABN) has certain guidelines and they are very helpful in determining the curriculum of the nursing institutes in the state. The main topics that have been included in the guidelines have been listed as follows-

  • Bathing patients and helping them in their day to day exercises along with maintaining a hygienic environment that is intended for them.
  • Answering the telephone calls.
  • Helping patients in their day to day routine.
  • Clarifying doubts of the patients of the treatment procedure.
  • Assisting doctors in operations.
  • Keeping a healthy and hygienic environment for their patients.
  • Recording and monitoring the health signs like the body temperature, the pulse rate and the blood pressure of the patients
  • Helping patients fill in insurance papers.

All the institutes that fall under the governance of the ABN are expected to follow the above instructions. There are certain additional guidelines that have been listed below for the institutes to follow:

  • All the instructors must be experienced and skilled. They must also posses complete knowledge of their respective subjects that they teach in.
  • The clinical training facility that is provided by the institutes must aid the individual learning of the students and it should also be flexible in nature so that it can be altered as and when needed.
  • The syllabus framed needs to be followed in accordance with all the guidelines that have been set forth by the Department Of The State.
  • The above guidelines need to be followed by all the nursing schools and colleges to provide quality nursing education to future nursing assistants.
  • The purpose behind these rules and instructions issued and framed by the ABN is to maintain and keep a healthy cum hygienic environment to the residents of Alaska for a happy life.

Alaska Board of Nursing
550 West Seventh Avenue, Suite 1500,
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: 907.269.8161

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