Bill Gates foundation scholarships

An Introduction To Bill Gates Foundation Scholarships

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the USA and he also shares the reputation of contributing most of the scholarships that are available to students of the USA too. The Bill Gates Foundation Scholarships are one of the most popular and widely sought after scholarships that are available to students in the USA. In fact these scholarships have one of the largest ranges of scholarships that are available in the nation today. These scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students at the University Of Washington. There are also some scholarships that are available for high school students as well.

Some of the notable scholarships that are available under Bill Gates Foundation Scholarships are the Mary Gates Scholars that offer scholarships to undergraduate students. For both graduates and undergraduates there are the Gates Millennium Scholarships that are specially targeted for minority students that come from a low income background. Under these scholarships there are 1000 talented students who are selected for studying in a college or a university. The scholarship winners get the professional development that they need via the leadership programs that are available under the scheme. There is also specialized academic support that ensures success to these students too.

There are also Gates Cambridge Scholarships that are specifically intended for graduate students and they fund both studies and research at the Cambridge University for students who reside outside the UK and those who are committed to making life better for others in the world.

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