Federal work study program

An Introduction To The Federal College Work-Study Program (FCWSP)

The Federal College Work Study Program or the FCWSP provides jobs on campus to those students who are eligible and qualify for financial assistance. These jobs are those that generally range from ten to fifteen hours per week and they also pay the applicants the minimum wage that is fixed by the federal. The students are given employment in various departments of the college.

The main objective of the Federal College Work Study Program or the FCWSP is to provide students with an employment program that offers students work experience on and off the campus while they are studying. The FCWSP is one that is offered on a first come and first served based that depends upon the financial need of the applicant. The average work study award that is offered is at $ 2100 for every year during fall-spring. The funding for the FCWSP is one that is awarded at the start of the school year to the students who are eligible till the funds are totally exhausted.

On order to get the benefits of this program the student must fill in the FAFSA form. Under this program the student cannot earn more than the amount that is awarded to him/her. The student should also make satisfactory academic progress under the program. On the first day of the employment the payroll division of campus will provide the student with the W-4 and the I-9 forms. The above documents will the acceptable forms of the identification will be needed to be completed before the applicant receives his/her first time sheet.

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