What is being a male nurse like?

Lifestyle of a Male Nurse

One of the biggest issues that pops up every time a man decides to go into the nursing profession is the stigma associated with it. One would think that in this day and age people would be over their sexist views of the nursing field, which has traditionally been a female-dominated profession. Sadly, this is not so.

If you are on the track to becoming a male nurse, or if you already are, be prepared to brace yourself for insensitive people teasing you and giving you a hard time about your choice of work. They may goad you about it being less than manly, and gay jokes tend to fly around, as well. But that is only from the thoughtless and uneducated people.

The real lifestyle of the male nurse could not be more manly. A male nurse is right there in the thick of things in the medical world. He lives a life full of compassion and daily is involved in helping others in a very real and tangible way.

He acts as an advocate for his patients. He works closely with doctors, and helps them in the treatment and care of patients. A male nurse is a wonderful ambassador for men’s health issues as well. There are so many male patients who are not comfortable talking about male health issues to women, and a male nurse can be there to listen, understand, and give helpful advice.

Most people have jobs where they do not get to witness the direct results of their actions, but as a male nurse you are constantly seeing how your decisions and treatments help others.

Sometimes it is as simple as being compassionate and supportive, or lending an ear to people who are in pain and suffering. But other times it means that the work you do helps a patient heal and get better, and there is nothing better than that.

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