Korean American scholarships

Those Korean students who are good and excellent in studies are eligible for the Korean American Scholarships that are provided by the educational organizations and the non-profit community that are serving the Korean Diaspora in the USA. There are many of these scholarships that are also available from private donors, endowments and corporations. Students from high school as well as undergraduate and graduate students can apply for them. These scholarships are intended for specific fields like engineering and medicine. There are some scholarships that are also available for general fields as well.

Some of the major Korean American Scholarships have been listed below:

  • The Korean American Medical Association Scholarship – This scholarship dates back to the year 1974 and it provides financial assistance for career, educational and networking programs intended for Korean American physicians. As part of its community service efforts the organization also sponsors an yearly scholarship intended for medical students. Students who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of any accredited medical school located in Korea or the USA are eligible for the application of the scholarship. The Scholarship is a renewable one and it can be done for a yearly amount of $1000. Applications for the scholarship begin from the 1st of January and they are also due at the start of June every year. Applicants can easily download the forms online from the website of KAMA. The winners of the scholarship are required to attend the annual scholarship dinner that is hosted by the organization every year.
  • The Korean American Scholarship Foundation – This Scholarship was created in the year 1969 by the non-profit volunteer operated organization. It was founded to support the academic goals of Korean American students. The $3 million endowment fund generally comes from individual donations and corporate funds. These scholarship awards are managed and also distributed by the regional chapters of the body. These scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate as well as high school students.
  • The Korean American Scientists And Engineers Association – This organization supports students as well as professionals in medical and scientific field. The scholarship is given to students who are outstanding, have leadership potential and actively involved in community service. Every year the body provides 25 awards that include 23 scholarships that have the value of $1000. Applicants have to answer an essay question and two students who provide outstanding essays are eligible to receive an extra award of $500.
  • Global Mission Church Korean-American Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to ethnic groups and minorities that are residing in the USA. The scholarship is available for the Korean American seminary students.
  • The Minnesota Association for Korean Americans – Applicants who live in Minnesota can apply for these scholarships that range from $500 to $2,000. The applicants must have a minimum GPA score of 2.5 and they must belong to high school and be US citizens. These students are eligible for the above scholarships and they can get the must needed financial assistance that they need.

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