Male nurse income

Male nurse income can be termed as anything like the salary or earnings or wages or compensation etc. It is generally the money or the remuneration which is being paid for the work done by the male nurse. The income for nurses should be equally generated despite of the gender as both female and male nurse’s work in same positions and share the same amount of experience similar educational background. They should be paid the same amount of salary for the work done. According to the BLS numerical source the medium weekly earnings for several male nurses has recorded up to $1,168. However a significant difference can be seen from the fact that a female nurse earn $24.50 at an hourly basis whereas a male nurse earn $26 per hour, this has also resulted to producing rumor about salary bias in between a female and male nurse.

There is various particular salary structures segregated depending on the specific work done by the male nurse. A male nurse for neonatal is paid an average salary of  $74,000, Gerontological nurse practitioner is paid $75,000 salary whereas an Orthopedic nurse earns a salary of about $81,000. However a monthly basic salary structure segregated to various different working fields is designed the following pattern – Psychiatric nurse practitioner earns an average salary of $95,000, a Nurse researcher earns an average salary of $95,000 and a certified registered nurse anesthetist gets $135,000 as his average salary. These are some of the stipulated rates of salary which is generally expected by a male nurse all across the world.

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