Nursing scholarships for men

Top 20 Scholarships For Men Going Into Nursing

Hopefully in these enlightened times, we are past the gender biases that may have prevented men from seeking careers in nursing. There are no differences between men and women when it comes to medicine. Being a nurse isn’t just a woman’s job, just as being a doctor isn’t a job just for men.

The American Assembly for Men in Nursing, or AAMN offers scholarships to men who are participating in professional nursing programs. These scholarships are mostly geared towards pre-RN licensing, but may also be used in graduate studies. Applicants must be enrolled full time with an accredited institution.

The Emergency Nurses Association offers a set number of scholarships each year to members of the association. You are required to be a member in good standing for one year and carry a 3.0 GPA. You must be enrolled at an institution or program that is fully licensed and accredited. More information and applcations for next year are available on the ENA website.

Men who wish to study for careers in nursing should consider the NROTC program. This program provides scholarships in nursing at over 160 accredited schools across the country. These are full service scholarships. It is expected that the student will participate in the NROTC program immediately after graduation from nursing school.

There is a similar program in place in the Army as well. The ROTC provides full scholarships for those who wish to study nursing. ROTC offers scholarships for pre-licensing, LPN. And RN degrees with the appropriate licenses and certifications. All applicants are expected to serve with the ROTC upon their graduation. In return they receive full service scholarships for their educational needs.

The Sinclair School Of Nursing in Missouri offers many different scholarships. These scholarships are for all educational levels of nursing study. Priority is given to LPNs looking to advance to RN, or BSN level degrees. Then if there are any remaining scholarships they are made available to RN’s studying towards a master’s degree.

The Children’s CHANCES scholarship provides almost full educational reimbursement to students enrolled in an accredited nursing program. Applicants are asked to then come work for Children’s for a year and a half following graduation. This program is an excellent way to receive help with education while performing a valuable community service at the same time.

The Eugene B. Casey Endowment For Nursing Scholarship program offers full tuition reimbursement to students enrolled in an accredited nursing school or program. Recipients agree to come work for Suburbun Hospital upon graduation. Suburban administers these scholarships.

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program is administered by the US Public Health Service. Applicants are offered awards of up to twenty thousand dollars towards the balance of their educational loans. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited instution, and must agree to serve on the faculty of a medical facility upon graduation. It is required that they work one year for every year they receive aid.

The Health and Resources Administration or HRSA is offering full scholarships to any student who is enrolled full time in a nursing program. Applicants are asked to work for two years at a medical facility that is suffering from a severe shortage of nursing help. Which is most of them.

The HRSA also sponsors the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program. This program awards full scholarships to students who are enrolled in nursing programs that focus on primary care. These can include Family Nurse Practitioners, and midwives as well. Recipients agree to work in a medical facility that is facing a short of primary care providers.

Global Scholarship Alliance provides full scholarships through agreements reached with accredited universities and degree programs. Applicants must enroll in one of these programs to receive this award. These scholarships are only for students wishing to pursue advanced degrees, but come with a guarantee of employment at a participating medical facility.

Mount Sinai Hospital, one of the older hospitals in the world, offers scholarships to students who are studying to become nurses. These scholarships are primarily for those seeking to train up to RN. Applicants are asked to serve with the hospital as a registered nurse. This employment reimbursement program has the student working one year for each term in which they received aid.

Aetna has partnered with the National Coalition of Ethnic Minorities to offer scholarships and other aid to men and other minorities in the field of nursing. Aetna wishes to help address the critical shortage of qualified nurses. Applicants must be registered at an accredited institution and also become a member of Aetna.

The Johnson & Johnson company offers an award of $1000 to a male student who is currently enrolled in nursing studies. Applicants must have at least a 2.75 GPA, and demonstrate academic excellence. Johnson & Johnson also offers other scholarship in a partnership with the AAMN.

The company of Kaiser Permanente offers different scholarships to men who wish to study nursing in the state of Colorado. These can range from $1000 to $5000 per academic year. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, and be enrolled in an institution that is partnered with Kaiser.

The American Academy of Nursing Scholarships offers scholarships to men who wish to study nursing. Applicants should have a willingness to work with the elderly and disabled that are housed in nursing homes. These are full service scholarships. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence.

The Claire M. Fain Scholarship Award is for male nursing students who wish to pursue a doctorate degree in their nursing studies. This award is for $60,000 a year and must be applied to all educational expenses that are not covered otherwise. Applicants must also demonstrate academic excellence.

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses offers different scholarships and grants to men who wish to study in the field of nursing. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution and be studying critical care nursing. More information is available from the Association.

The Long Term Care Association works with accredited institutions and programs to make scholarships available for men who wish to study nursing in the field of long term care. There is a severe shortage of qualified long term care nurses around the world. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution under an approved program of study.

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