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Top 10 Nursing Scholarships For Jewish Students

jewish american scholarships
Jewish American scholarships

In times past, the Jewish people were discriminated against. They were often denied good jobs and even a good education. So they solved the problem in an unique way. They created their own jobs and schools for students of Jewish faith. Some were general, others addressed a specific need in the community such as for nurses in medicine.

Today things are different, and there is a whole world of opportunity available to the Jewish Student. In an attempt to rectify past wrongs there have been a lot of educational opportunities created for Jewish Students. Listed below you will find what we think are the 10 best educational opportunities for Jewish students who wish to get a degree in the field of nursing. These are in no particular order, and this list does not show preference to any one opportunity.

  • The council of Jewish Women Nursing offers many scholarships to Jewish students who wish to pursue an education in the field of nursing. One particular scholarship is the June Miller Scholarship which is for students just entering the field of nursing. The Council of Jewish Women Nursing is located in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Lawrence-Bauer Foundation offers partial scholarships to Jewish students who have already completed some course work towards a nursing degree. Contact Foundation officials for more information.
  • The New York Jewish Foundation for Education offers up scholarships to Jewish nursing students that have come to the United States from other countries. Applicants must be of Jewish descent, and prove financial need to be eligible for these services.
  • The Goldfarb School of Nursing, located at Barnes-Jewish College offers scholarships for all levels of study to Jewish students who wish to study nursing. After graduation students who received these awards are expected to work in the hospital. Students work for one year, in exchange for each year they were awarded aid.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital also offers full and partial scholarships to Jewish students in the field of nursing. Full scholarships cover all educational expenses, sometimes with a modest stipend attached. After graduation students are expected to come work with Mt. Sinai. This is a great educational opportunity, and comes with the possibility of employment at a prestigious institution.
  • The Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare is located in St. Louis Missouri. This hospital offers scholarships to Jewish nursing students at both the undergraduate and graduate educational level. Graduates are committed to working one year in exchange for every $6,000 received in financial aid.
  • The Jewish War Veterans organization offers a number of educational grants and scholarships to all students of Jewish faith. Applicants must be either a veteran, or the immediate family member of a veteran. More information is available, along with an application, on their website.
  • The Jewish Foundation for the education of Women, provides many full and partial scholarships to Jewish women who originally lived in what was the Soviet Union. These scholarships allow these women to complete or further their educations at a institute partnered with the foundation. Applications and information are available on the Foundation’s website.
  • The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society offers full and partial scholarships to Jewish students who have emigrated to the United States after the year 1992. Applicants must be naturalized citizens, and must also demonstrate financial need.
  • The Jewish groups Hadassah and B’Nai B’Rith, have partnered with schools and programs worldwide, to be able to offer Jewish students the chance to complete their education. Information on specific scholarships is available through their websites, you can also visit a nearby chapter house for more information on programs sponsored by these organizations.

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