Scholarships for high school juniors

Top 10 Nursing Scholarships For Juniors In High School

When you reach your junior year in high school you find yourself starting to consider life after school. What are you going to do when you graduate? Will you move on directly to college? Or will you find something else to do with yourself. If college is the answer for you, below you will find a list of the top nursing scholarships that are available to high school students.

The Nursing Scholarship Program is offered by a division of the Health Department. These scholarships are available to any student who wishes to study nursing. These are full service scholarships which cover all reasonable expense towards an education. Upon graduation recipients will be asked to work for two years in an area facing a critical nursing shortage.

The United States government also sponsors and helps fund the ROTC programs that are available in every branch of the nation’s military. Through the ROTC program, any student can receive a full scholarship to study nursing. After completion of that program the student may be asked to serve with that branch of the military for a time not to exceed two years.

The National Health Service Corporation sponsors full service scholarships for students who work in the field of nursing and other related medical areas. Students must have applied to an accredited institution in order to be considered. Students are expected upon graduation to work in an area that is facing critical shortages of trained medical staff.

The National Student Nurses Association offers different scholarships to students wishing to pursue a degree in nursing. These awards are based on need and applicants must also demonstrate academic excellence. This award can be up to $2000 per academic year.

The SGNA RN Education Scholarship is awarded to full time students who are working to complete a nursing degree at an accredited institution or other certified program. This award can be for up to $2500 per academic year. Students must have been accepted to the school of their choice to be considered.

HOSA scholarships are awarded each year to students who wish to obtain a degree in nursing or another health related field. Applicants must first apply to Health Occupations Students of America in order to be considered. This award can range from $1,000 to $7,000 per academic quarter.

The Snyder Scholarship is awarded to students seeking degrees in nursing, engineering or Presbyterian studies. This scholarship is typically awarded to students of that religious denomination, although exceptions have been made. Awarded amounts vary each year based on the number of applicants.

The American Quarter Horse Foundation offers scholarships to students that have been members of the AQHF for at least one year. This scholarship is for students who wish to pursue a degree in either education or nursing. This scholarship can award up to $10,000 a year towards educational expenses.

The Barbara Palo Foster Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to students who have lost a parent to cancer, or have a parent who is currently afflicted with cancer. This award is typically for $1000 a year, and may only be administered once.

Daughters of the American Revolution has many different scholarships available to students who wish to study nursing. Students must complete an application which will ask for an essay stating why they think they should be awarded these scholarships. Contact DAR for more information.

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