Scholarships for mentally ill

Top 20 Scholarships For Mentally Ill

If you think that trying to find the funding to get into school is a difficult task, then imagine what it must feel like to someone who is suffering from a mental illness. Often people who suffer from these types of disability are easily discouraged from pursuing their dreams of an education and career. Although society is moving to address some of these issues, we still have a long way to go.

The Orlean Foundation offers scholarships and other financial support to people with mental illnesses that wish to study in nursing or other health care related fields. Typically this is for residents of the Duluth area, however in some cases exceptions have been made. More information is available from the Foundation itself. awards a scholarship every year to a student with a disability that wishes to study in the field of nursing. This scholarship was first awarded in 2003, to a girl from Colorado. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to their education, as well as to nursing.

The Caroline Simpson Maheady Scholarship is offered to students with disabilities who wish to study in the field of nursing. Preferences are to undergraduate students of Scottish descent, although exceptions can be made. Applicants must demonstrate a desire to work with people that have disabilities.

The Jill Creedon Scholarship is awarded every year to students with disabilities that wish to study nursing at an accredited institution. The company Johnson & Johnson is partnered with the Creedon Foundation to offer these scholarship. More information is available through the Creedon Foundation.

The California Association on Post Education awards scholarships to students with disabilities that are studying for a degree in California. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited institution or approved secondary program.

The Anna May Rolando Scholarship Foundation awards a scholarship each year to a student with a disability that is studying in a health related field. Preference is given to graduate level students.

The Bruno Rolando Scholarship foundation awards a scholarship to a student suffering from a disability. Preference is given to a nurse who is already employed at a veteran’s hospital that is looking to further their education.

The C.R. Newton Scholarship is awarded to disabled students who wish to continue their education. Successful applicants must carry a 3.0 GPA. These awards are for $2,000 per academic year, and can be applied for as long as the student is still enrolled.

The Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Trust offers a scholarship in partnership with Florida colleges. This scholarship is for any student with a disability that wishes to study nursing. Award monies are allocated to the schools, who then disburse the funds to successful applicants.

The ELA Foundation offers scholarships to women with mental illnesses. Applicants must already be enrolled at an accredited US college, and demonstrate financial need. These awards are typically for $500 to $2000 per academic quarter.

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