Top 10 Places To Buy Cheap Nursing Books

There are quite a few places you can buy textbooks for nursing classes. The first and most obvious place to look would be in the school bookstore, however in some cases that may not be an option, or the bookstore doesn’t have what is needed for that course. A lot of the giant book retailers carry an exhaustive and extensive line of textbooks for all different degree programs and professions.

Barnes and Noble is a well known name in the book selling business. They carry a wide variety of college textbooks on all subjects. Barnes and Noble books can be bought at one of their many stores, or online at their website. You can also use the website to search for specific texbooks, this can save time and money both.

A lot of nursing students are finding it cheaper to purchase their textbooks online. One of the first names that comes to mind in the world of online book sales is Amazon. Amazon has textbooks available on a wide variety of subjects for all educational levels and degree. Amazon operates cheifly on their website, but they stand behind every order with a money back guarantee. They also promise, that if they do not have the book you want, they will find the book you want.

The website is a good place to purchase nursing textbooks at very good prices. This site carries a wide variety of textbooks, and you can either purchase them, or for a smaller fee, rent them and return them when you are done. This is a good way to save money if you feel you won’t need the book after the term is over. However many nursing students like to keep older textbooks for reference.

Although not running at the time of this writing, the website, offers medical texts on a variety of subjects, at what it claims are the lowest prices available. The site promises to be running soon, and allows a person to search for needed texts, and order them online.

The company of Elsevier Mosby and Saunders offers an extensive selection of medical textbooks in all practical areas of medicine, including many devoted to nursing. Their website allows you to browse their extensive library, their easy to use system makes finding what you want easier, and buying it from them is often a lot cheaper.

The Springer Publishing Company has been turning out quality medical texts on every profession in medicine. Springer has been bringing quality to medical education for over sixty years, and has an extensive library of textbooks and certification study manuals for nursing students. It is easiest to view and order from this company online. Their well built and thought out website was a painless experience.

Another good place to purchase textbooks is at Wholesale College Textbooks, a leading online retailer of college textbooks for all degree levels and most areas of education, including an extensive library dedicated to health and nursing.

And just in case you did think renting your textbooks is the best way to go, the most recommended site for that online is They offer rentals of textbooks to students that make them available for a lot cheaper than they would be if they had been sold. prides itself on being able to save the student money, and so far it looks like it works. Most everyone reviewed had positive things to say about the experience. is another popular website that carries an extensive library of medically related textbooks. They also promise that no matter what book you need, or price you were quoted, they will find it for you cheaper. It can’t hurt to shop around.

And last but certainly not least, a lot of people are turning to popular auction sites like Ebay and its clones to buy their medical textbooks. While this is a definitely a cheap way to get textbooks, remember some Ebay sellers do not practice the solid business practices you may be used to. Make sure you are careful what information you share in any online transaction anywhere. A lot of people have done business safely and succesfully on Ebay, so chances are things will go well. But be careful, Ebay is nowhere near as strictly regulated as a bookselling business is.

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