Vocational nursing scholarships

Vocational Nursing Scholarships Aid

The main objective of the Vocational Nursing Scholarships Aid is to offer financial assistance to students aspiring to become professional and vocational nurses in college and universities located in Texas. The in-state colleges and universities in Texas are eligible to participate in this program. Both private and public non-profit universities and colleges that provide professional nursing courses are also eligible to participate in these programs.

How to qualify for vocational nursing scholarships?

In order to qualify for the vocational nursing scholarships aid the applicant or student must be a resident of Texas and demonstrate financial need. He/she needs to register for Selective Service or be exempted from this requirement. The applicant needs to be enrolled in the course at least on the basis of half-time. The applicant is able to get an application that is available from the Financial Aid Office at the college or the university.

How to enroll for vocational nursing scholarships?

The students need to enroll in the course classes that lead to Licensure as a professional Nurse. There is no individual award that is more than the student’s financial need. The maximum award that is granted is $2,500. The vocational nursing scholarships entails that the student needs to enroll for the classes that lead to obtaining a license of a vocational nurse. The maximum award that is awarded is about $1,500. The amount of the above vocational nursing scholarships aid is not always targeted towards students belonging to rural areas. There are some funds that are targeted to the graduate students in nursing in order to help them with financial aid.

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