Wellstar scholarships

An Overview Of The Wellstar Nursing Scholarships

The Wellstar Nursing Scholarships is the biggest nursing program located in North Georgia. The program is one that provides the bachelors, the masters and the doctorate degree courses. They are available for registered nurses and students with degrees from other fields. The applicants of this program are the ones that have an excellent academic record and they have performed above average in the state licensing examination. The nurse practitioner graduates also have a high pass marks in the certificate examination that is conducted.

The Wellstar Nursing Scholarships are those that are available to the nursing applicants on a competitive basis. The Scholarhip Committee has the main onus of determining the applicants who are enrolled in the health care units where there is a particular shortage. This is generally identified in those health careers that have a high demand like pharmacist, registered nurses, the physical therapist, the occupational therapist and certain radiology cum imaging positions. There is also a new program that is being offered for PT Assistants and this is a two year associate program.

There are certain departments that occasionally tend to bring in certain student interns as a significant part of their curriculum. This is one that is done generally via schools. This program is for nursing students who work as techs till they become registered nurses. This program is also called the Student Nurse Extern Program. There are certain guidelines and there is also a set number that is hired twice every year in the month of December.

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