Appreciate nurses

Why Should We Appreciate Nurses

Nurses are an integral part of the medical and the healthcare industry and they are looked up to with respect. They are compassionate and caring. They are a patient’s constant companion during the time of sickness and illness. Nurses work for long hours and they take the stress of both the patient and the medical team. They are also leaders and they advocate and speak for the patients and their families. They work the whole day attending to the patient and the doctor and they hardly get the break that they deserve. Nurses also undertake the responsibility that all the things required for a patient are in order. They check health charts and aid physicians in the lab.

Nurses also face certain issues with regard to their work. They are often not taken seriously by doctors and patients. At times the family of the patient may also not accept certain things that they say for the interest and the welfare of the patient. Nurses have conflict management skills that are worth taking note. With the aid of these skills they are able to handle difficult situations and people successfully. They are the ones that ensure that the best interests of the patient are looked into and they are the professionals that patients bank upon when they are sick or ill.

They are inspirational and they never can be forgotten for the care and the services that they render to the ill and sick. They are ones that stand out in society and they are respected for their level of commitment and dedication. Nurses are idols and role models. Healthcare is incomplete without their services and compassion. They are the ones that care and without them the medical fraternity cannot exist.

Nurses deserve recognition and we should appreciate them for their services and care. They are the leaders in healthcare and they deserve appreciation during Nurses Appreciation Week. This event has been organized to appreciate the role of nurses in society. It helps us the common man to appreciate and recognize the effects of nurses in society. Celebrating Nurses Appreciation Week will promote goodwill and loyalty among nurses. They are made to feel important and we can also remind them that they are indispensable to the healthcare and the medical industry. Both male and female nurses should be appreciated for their consistent and dedicated effects to make the patient feel cared for and looked after well.

Despite their hard work, a grueling schedule and the demands of their job nurses never are rude. They maintain their positive attitude and often take displeasure of the doctors and the patients in their stride. They are the ones that need to be made special for their contribution to the medical and the healthcare industry. The week helps us to remember them and honor them for their role and the part that they play in the recovery of the patients. They are important and indispensable. They are valuable and they should be constantly appreciated and remembered always.

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