Male nurse nightingale

Mohd Hafiz Hasmah has been called a male nurse nightingale many times, and he doesn’t deny it. He is proud of his career decision, even though in the city of Kuala Lumpur he is a distinct minority. However he has never looked back. Since learning about nursing at a career expo, he has completed the studies necessary to become a registered nurse. He has now been employed for three years at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, where he works in general surgery.

Hasmah says he chose the field of nursing because of its nearly unlimited career opportunities. He is considering specializing in intensive care. There is a severe nursing shortage everywhere, and the demand for qualified nurses is always high. Because of this, Hasmah says he has never really been the target of scorn or derision for choosing what was called women’s work in the past.

He states that there is a high demand for quality nursing care that will continue to create jobs for both men and women. The potential for career advancement, when combined with the chance to help others, couldn’t be ignored.

Muhamad Che Hasan is another perfect example of a male nurse nightingale. He considers his career choice a wise one, and calls it an exciting journey. He is well aware that he is in the minority in his profession. In some countries it is still considered a woman’s job to be a nurse, and he has been the target of scorn and derision. However he says with his family’s approval and support he continued his studies and is now employed at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital located in the city of Kuantan.

So is it a bad thing to be a male nurse nightingale? In the United States the stereotype against males in nursing has all but vanished. It is estimated that five percent of the nurses currently employed there are males. That number increases when you count the number of male nurses currently enrolled in nurses studies. This is a job that can be done by either sex. It’s about the patient after all, and maybe male patients would rather talk to male nurses sometimes.

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