Can i be a nurse with a ged

Is It Possible To Be A Nurse With GED?

Nursing is the most noble and prestigious profession in the world. This profession deals with medical healthcare of patients in hospitals. Their main focus is to care, maintain and recover quality of health of individuals and families. Nurses works in a variety of specialties such as ambulatory care nursing, advanced practice nursing, burn nursing, camp nursing etc. They can work individually and in a team as well. People like this profession very much, because it allows them to help medically ill human in an ethical way.

Can I be a nurse with a GED?

This is the most common question asked by students having (GED). And the answer is yes because it is possible to be a Nurse with GED. But people face lot of difficulties to get in nursing program with it. For that you need to know what is GED in actual.

  • What Is GED? The full form of GED is General Equivalency Diploma that is being awarded when a candidate passes a group of five subjects. The diploma contains the academic skills certification of American high school level. In addition, the diploma is necessary to join any professional course in college.
  • Difference of GED and H.S. Diploma: A high school diploma is required to get in any nursing program. However, the students holding GED get confuse whether they would be accepted or not? Here we need to know that GED diploma is equivalent to high school. All what you need is to get good GPA and fulfill prerequisite for the program.

Get in Nursing Program with your GED:

Search the colleges that offer Nursing programs. Check their pre-requisite for it. And rest assured, your diploma with good GPA is quite enough to fulfill all requirements for it. Do it and have a better career ahead in Nursing.

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