CNA certification in Nevada state board of nursing

CNA or certified nursing assistant is a health care worker that gives patient care under licensed practical nurse (LPN) or Registered nurse (RN) supervision. A person after getting certification in CNA is able to provide healthcare including feeding, bathing, caring newly born baby and patient look after. This person carries maximum experience level and ability.

How to get CNA certification in Nevada

To become CNA certified, you must know the requirements of taking CNA certification.

1. CNA training program
Firstly, enroll into CNA training program in Nevada.

  • CNA program contain 18 CNA training courses.
  • You need to complete 75 hours training. From these 75 hours, give 16 hours to hands-on clinical setting and classroom learning.

2. State competency examination
Second step to get CNA certification is to pass the state competency examination. The exam requirements are as under:

  • Exam consists of two parts. In written or oral section, you have to answer multiple-choice questions. The other section is related to skills test where your efficiency in five nursing skills will be checked.
  • Examination cost is $120 and $50 extra fee for Nevada state.
  • After qualifying the exam, you will be selected in Nevada Nursing Assistant registry and you will get the opportunity to work in medical setting of your own choice.
  • CNA certification needs to be renewed after every 2 years.

Benefits of CNA certification:
After getting CNA certification, you will get the following advantages:

  • Your employment opportunities in the healthcare field will increase.
  • You can find jobs in a variety of medical job facilities like facilities of long-term care that includes home health care setting and nursing homes, adult day care centers and hospitals.
  • The average annual salary of full time CNA working in Nevada is approximately $28,000.

Renewing certification in Nevada:

If you successfully complete CNA certification in Nevada and receive your application on expiration date, then you will not be required to renew the certification. In order to become re-certified CNA, you have to complete training course and then submit new application with fingerprints.

1. You need to complete two fingerprint cards that are given to you by Nevada state board of nursing. In case you are in Nevada, you have to submit fingerprints through electronic transmission. If you download the application form from website then Nevada State will send you mail having fingerprints cards.

2. Write your last name, first name and middle name and all information that is required on both the cards.

3. Fingerprinting may be done by law enforcement agency of any state. It may be done by private fingerprinting service as well. You can visit the website of Nevada Department of public safety in order to check the list of Nevada fingerprint locations.

4. Detach the fingerprint submission form that you filled recently, and send fee and fingerprint cards to Nevada state board of nursing.

Contact : Nevada State Board of Nursing
5011 Meadowood Mall #201
Reno, NV 89502-6547
Phone: (775) 688-2620
FAX: (775) 688-2628

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