CNA training, CNA classes and CNA certification in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you live in Colorado springs and need to get your hands on a CNA Certification?  This is an excellent career path, and a common salary is roughly $23,000 to $26,000.  To be certified nursing assistant in Colorado springs is very similar to many cities in other states, but you’re going to want to be prepared to take a few steps in order to get there.

CNA classes in colorado springs

CNA Certification in Colorado springs always is going to start with the state approved CNA training program. The CNA certification-training program usually means that you need to have at least five credit hours under your belt before you’re allowed to take the state competency examination. You can join a regular community college to take CNA classes.

CNA Training Programs

These programs will take you through the ins and outs of what you need to know before you get into this field.  There are training programs like these all over the state, as there is not a shortage of these types of CNA Certification programs in Colorado springs.  This type of position is always in high demand, so finding a job will not be an issue, once you’ve completed the process.  Much of this training is hands on, giving you valuable class experience that will provide you with an idea of what a “day in the life” of a CNA actually entails.  Because you will not be an actual nurse, most of your training will consist of “non-medical” care for the patient.  If you play your cards correctly, you can jump into a great program without paying too much, if anything at all.

CNA Training Costs

Colorado springs CNA Certification training programs are extremely cheap.  Many nursing care facilities will even reimburse you for your training if you sign a contract saying that you will work for them.  These contracts are usually for a matter of months to a year; however, this is a great deal because not only will this facility promise you a job, but will pay for your training to get there.  This is the most recommended way to break into this career field.

Taking the CNA Certificate Exam

The CNA Certification program for Colorado springs will also require the prospective CNA to pass the state competency exam.  This exam can only be taken after the prospective CNA hands in documentation of state approved CNA training, and this training must consist of at least 5 documented credit hours.  This exam usually costs no more than $100, but this fee might fluctuate.  Simply be prepared to front $75-$100 and you won’t have any problems.

The Background Check

The background check is your next step on your road to becoming Certified CNA in a Colorado springs.  The background check is relatively comprehensive, so if you know that something might pop up during the check, make sure you find out if that particular crime will bar you from being CNA Certified in Colorado before starting the process.  If the background check does come up with some dirt, this will be run by the state nursing board, and they will make a decision if you are able to receive your Certification.
Contact Colorado Board of Nursing
1560 Broadway, Suite 880
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 894-2430
FAX: (303) 894-2821

In Summary

Being CNA Certified in Colorado is not complicated, but there are certain aspects that will require your effort and attention.

  • You will first want to figure out if anything will pop up on your background check before you begin the process.
  • Find a nursing facility that will pay you to take the CNA training program.
  • Take the training program with at least 5 documented credit hours.
  • Take the State Competency Exam, which will cost $75-$100.
  • Take the Colorado Background Check
  • And you’re all finished!   🙂

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