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Nursing Scholarships in Canada: Education For Less

Are you a Canadian citizen with an aspiration to become a nurse? Are you currently living in another country and thinking about going to a Canadian medical institution for your nursing education? Before you head over that way in the next step of your academic journey, be sure you track down some extra funding. Nursing Scholarships in Canada or extremely common and very profitable. There are a plethora of foundations, organizations, and individuals who are just itching to throw their funding at a young hopeful with a knack for the medical field and a love for making folks healthier. If you’re on the hunt for free Canadian tuition money, hopefully that might be you.

Sell Yourself

Have you ever been volunteering? Have you ever done any athletics or been on the honor roll? These are great to have in your letter requesting a nursing scholarship in Canada. You’re going to want to sell yourself, because the folks that are giving you the money, are going to want to know that you won’t squander it all on a low grade point average. Be sure to talk about your far-reaching accomplishments, and there really is no accomplishment too small. Include that weekend at the animal shelter, as well as that 3.9 high school GPA of yours. It will all help you in the end.

Use Documentation

If you’ve done volunteering, get a reference from the your team leader. If you’ve been able to shadow an MD or a Pharmacist, be sure to list their contact information (after their granted permission, of course.) While the Canadian nursing scholarship organization might not follow up on every single contact, it only lends you credibility, and shows that you really want the scholarship.
If you find yourself applying for a nursing scholarship in Canada, you’re going to want to write out an essay allowing that organization to get to know you. Make sure the essay is well written and professional.

The Earnings: Funding Dreams

The grounds for Canadian nursing scholarships are very fertile, as the medical industry just seems to keep exploding. It is commonplace to see a very impressed board to a trust fund offer a full ride. Usually, you can expect to see anything from $1,000-$10,000 per semester for most nursing scholarships. It is actually incredibly easy to find a Canadian organization to just buy your books every semester. Many of these trust funds will put up $600 per semester to make sure that you can do your homework with the most current editions.

Check These Out

If you are in search of free money, make sure you hit up these organizations and scholarship funds. You will be required to let them get to know you with a possible application and a well-written essay, but it will most definitely be worth it in the end. Do a search engine inquiry on a few of these Canadian scholarships:


  • Audrey J. Tinney Nursing Scholarship – $1,000
  • Mary Buist Entrance Scholarship In Nursing – $1,000
  • Russell S. Ramsay Memorial Trust Scholarship – $2,000
  • Calgary Bill and Denise Andrew Scholarship In Nursing – $5,000
  • Isobel Secord Memorial Dean’s Entrance Citation In Nursing – $10,000
  • University Hospital Foundation Dean’s Entrance Citation In Nursing – $10,000

As you can see, the nursing scholarships in Canada are out there; you just have to diligently find them. These scholarships I just listed are the most common and readily found on the Web, but a little more searching could uncover enough money to make your ride to college a good deal easier.

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