Hospital scholarships

Hospital Sponsored Scholarships

All across the United States there are hundreds if not thousands of medical facilities that are in operation despite the fact that they have staff shortages, most of which are nurses of every degree level. This severe shortage of educated nursing professionals has impacted health care in all areas of the country.

From the teeming metropolis of New York City, to the small towns in Kentucky, and all the way to the glittering shores of California, there are nursing shortages in almost every field of medicine. Many facilities are forced to operate understaffed, which can be dangerous for them and their patients. In an effort to address this shortage, there are a number of scholarship opportunities available for nurses of all types and educational levels. Whether you are just getting started, or trying to figure out what to specialize in, there are scholarships out there.

The Nursing Scholarship Program is offered by the United States government in an attempt to alleviate some of the severe nursing shortage facing many areas. This program is offered for students with demonstrated financial need, so that they can complete their nursing program. After graduation, recipients of this scholarship will be asked to work at a medical facility that is facing a severe staffing problem. This scholarship can cover all expenses for attending school.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship Committee offers several different scholarships to students from all walks of life. These scholarships can cover the full cost of an education. Currently applicants must be citizens of the United States and enrolled full time at an accredited institution. Scholarship awards are for four consecutive years of education.

DAR awards its scholarships to students who have demonstrated commitment to their education. They are also based on financial need. The local DAR chapter in your area may have more information, or you can visit their website.

Any nursing student in the United States is encouraged to take advantage of some of the best educational and employment opportunities out there. All four branches of the military offer scholarships and grant programs. These programs are available to students at any educational level. Graduates are usually asked to serve a term of enlistment.

All four branches of the military have ROTC programs as well. These programs often offer scholarships to nursing students around the country. Graduates are usually asked to serve a term of not more than two years in the ROTC program, as a nurse.¬† These scholarships generally cover all expenses related to a nursing degree program. Applicants are offered the choice to continue their education, or specialize in their chosen field at a number of locations. Free education and job security for the next four to eight years. In these troubled times, that’s saying something.

There are many other places you can look for scholarships. Any serious student is encouraged to find as many as they are eligible for. There are nursing scholarships that are offered by hospitals, nursing programs funded by both the federal and state governments, and scholarships offered by many charitable and medical organizations.

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