Male nurses in India

Male Nurse Statistics In India

There are several men aspiring to be become male nurse and also getting admitted to a number of nursing courses in India. However, the present ratio of male nurse working in the Indian hospital is predominantly lower than the female nurses. Number of male nurses in India can be said as relatively weak because of theses reason

# first, there are considerably fewer seats for males in Indian nursing institutes,

# second men are not frequent to apply for these courses and

# third jobs for male nurses are few as compared to female nurses.

Therefore it is noticed that, male nurses employed in Indian hospitals are mostly assigned for administrative post rather than patient-care duties.

In India, there are many issues related to ‘nurse retention’ such as – contractual staff facing job insecurity, low payment criteria in both government and private sectors, lack of a favorable working environment as well as infrastructure facilities. According to reports, there has been few positive progress made by the government of India to resolve the above mentioned issues, which is an advantageous effort to improve the male nurse statistics in India.

However, nursing has been always considered as a respectable profession by nearly all sections of Indian society and therefore the acceptability of the occupation male nurses has improved over the years.

According to the report male nurses are mostly preferred in the tribal areas, particularly in areas with difficult access, as reportedly Maharashtra state in India has reserved 20% of places in its nursing colleges exclusively for male students. Indian army also encourages more and more men to become nurses in the Army.

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