Fastest way to become a nurse

Fastest Way to Become A Nurse And Realize Your Potential

There is no better time than now to realize your dream of becoming a nurse. In today’s economy it is hard to find and keep a job in commercialized sectors. Healthcare jobs on the other hand grow every year. People continue to require good health care whether the economy is up or down. There are a few different routes you can take if you are seeking a nursing degree. You need to look at your previous educational background and determine which one is right for you.

Certified nursing assistant

A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, is the quickest way to enter the nursing profession. Becoming a CNA will take four to six months at a community college or technical school. Once you pass the state exam, you are eligible to work as a CNA. These positions will require you to take care of patients needs and aid the registered nurses and physicians in their duties.

A CNA can expect anywhere from $10-$15 an hour. Although a CNA is the quickest route to become a nursing professional, you may be looking for something more challenging.

Licensed practical nurse

A licensed practical nurse or LPN requires more education and can take up to one year to graduate from a vocational school. The LVN performs routine care such as measuring vital signs under the supervision of a registered nurse or RN. Once you pass the state exam, you can work as an LPN and within a few years, study to become an RN.

An LPN has a slightly higher salary than a CNA and can expect between $15 and $20 an hour. If you are serious about becoming a nurse, you should invest the time to initially become an LPN on your way to reaching the status of RN. In this way you are securing your future in the nursing field.

Registered nurse

Although becoming a registered nurse or RN takes the longest, you can complete this degree in two years at an accredited nursing program. RN’s can take medical histories and dispense medications among many other duties and work closely with physicians in patient care. At the end of your course you will take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) state exam that is given by your state’s Board of Nursing. Passing this exam will earn you your license as a registered nurse.

An RN can make $30 an hour and have more opportunities for advancement in the workplace. RN’s can also become specialized in order to earn more income. Although it will take longer to become an RN, end result in income and job satisfaction may be worth your time.

If you are serious about a career in healthcare, becoming a nurse is a great way to work in the field. There are many fast ways to become a nurse but if you are seriously looking for a profession, it may be worth your time to seek out the higher degree of a registered nurse. There is no higher calling than that of the healthcare field. If you are a compassionate and hardworking person, you will find your calling. Get started now on your way to becoming a nurse.

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