Nursing scholarships for single mothers

Top 10 Nursing Scholarships For Single Mothers

To a single mother trying to make her way, college might at best seem like a nice dream. To a single mom who has two jobs and is trying to make the bills, college seems too expensive. According to one study, over 30 percent of the single mothers in the United States live below the poverty level. Education may provide a way off the welfare line, only two percent of single mothers that held a bachelors degree or better are living below poverty levels.

#1.    The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to single parents that wish to go back to school. You must be a resident, and a single parent. Applicants will be asked to provide documentation of both, and must apply through their home county. More information is available from the Fund itself.

#2.    The Patsy Takemoto Mink Scholarship awards five $2000 scholarships to single and low income mothers that wish to attend school. Applicants must demonstrate financial need to be considered. More information and applications are available on the fund’s website.

#3.    The Jeanette Rankin Foundation has awarded over 500 scholarships to single mothers to help them pursue their dreams of an education. This foundation prefers to work with women 35 and older. More information is available on the Rankin website.

#4.    The WISP Program (Womens Independent Scholarship Program) was created for battered women and those in broken homes a second chance at a good life. This program targets low income and mid income single mothers who may be trying to better themselves through education. The WISP program offers scholarships and also a full range of other services for the single mother.

#5.    The ROSE Scholarship is awarded to women who are trying to break out of an abusive lifestyle. This program provides financial assistance and scholarships to single mothers who have been the victim of domestic abuse, or other dire circumstances. Applicants must already be enrolled in school, and should have completed a year of studies before applying.

#6.    Raise The Nation is a national program that provides scholarships and other forms of financial aid to single mothers who are trying to go back to college. Many different programs are available here, find more information on their website.

#7.    The Womens Opportunity Awards are available to single mothers who may have had problems in the past with alcohol abuse, or may have been the victim of domestic violence. These awards are given to single mothers who are trying to improve the quality of life for their families.

#8.    The CLIMB Wyoming Program is available for single mothers who wish to return to school. Applicants must be residents of Wyoming, and must be enrolled at least part time at an accredited college.

#9.    The Fleming Associates Young Parents Program is available to single parents and low income families that wish to improve their lives with further education. This program provides different types of scholarship and others kinds of aid as well. The goal of this program is to help single parents get back on their feet, and into a better life for themselves and their families.

#10.   The Ford Opportunity Program offers scholarships and other financial aid to 51 single parents that are enrolled in an Oregon College. This program is offered through and administered through CollegeFunds.Org, which is a financial aid program for students in Oregon schools.

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