Scholarships for bilingual students

Bilingual Facts

There are more than 46% of total population in United States, speak different language at home other than English. Approximately 39% of total population speak, read and understand Spanish. 15% of  Spanish speaking people do not understand English. There are about 19% Mandarin Chinese, 18% Arabic, 12% Hindi speaking Americans. Now as the latest census 2010, these numbers are far more increased.

Why Bilingual Nursing Scholarships are in demand?

Due to shortage of trained certified nurses, patients who need more close treatment aren’t getting the service they need especially if they speak other language than English. In order to encourage minority nurses, now many organizations are offering scholarships for bilingual students.  So once they become nurse, they can be more helpful to patients who find it difficult because of  language barrier. Please find one of the latest nursing scholarships for bilingual students below.

Scholarships Name: “Bilingual nursing scholarship program”

Scholarships is brought to you by the Educational Foundation of Harper College with help from Alexian Brothers Health Systems.This scholarships will start in March 2012. Applicants must be enrolled in two year nursing program. This scholarships is open for all the students who are bilingual. Anyone who can speak, read and understand any other language than English can apply.

Contact Harper College’s Office of Student Financial Assistance at 847.925.6248 for more details.

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