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Is It Ethical For Nurse To Date A Patient?

In the healthcare and the medical circles there is often a question that is asked and that is whether it is ethical for a nurse to date a patient. The ethics that are applicable to a nurse are very similar to that of a doctor. In the case of doctors if the patient even gets a different doctor it is still not ethical for the patient to date the doctor. Nurses also fall under the same rule and so in short it is unethical for them to date their patients.

Now the question often arises that when the patient has been discharged and meets the nurse after six months or so it is still ethical for her/him to date the patient? Now if the patient is meeting the nurse on a professional level it is not. That means during the patient-nurse period it is a strict no for them to date.

Now, there is a question that arises in the mind of many people and that is whether the dating of a nurse or a patient is illegal or not? There are some experts who consider the dating part to be unethical however it does depend on the scenario. It is not a very wise idea for everyone to flaunt the news of dating a patient at the healthcare unit. There are many nurses who do date patients and this might include having dinner when not working. The episode can just be a relationship between two adults however it should be kept in mind that this relationship does not affect the work of the nurse. The dating should be done for the right reasons. It should not interfere with the sphere of work or course there could be a cancellation of the nurse’s license.

When it comes to dating you must remember that there are certain ethics that you have to remember while you are working. Nurses do have time to date and it is not essential that they need to be patients. Nurses are very compassionate by nature and they are no different from other people. When it comes to dating and life there are like ordinary women and do need companionship. It is not necessary that all women who are nurses will be dating their patients. This is exceptional and there are cases where the patient does fall for the nurse. It is common to see patients falling for nurses for their caring and compassionate nature.

When it comes to nurse patient dating there is always one thing that should be remembered and that is the relationship should not be one that will affect the work of the nurse. If there is interference and the disturbance of duties the nurse is going to face action. This action may also affect the license of the nurse. Dating a patient should be avoided and the relationship should be on the professional level. Nurses must respect this moral code of conduct so that it does not lead to complications in their personal or professional life.

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