Scholarships for college sophomores

When it comes to paying for college, the second year is often at least as expensive as the first. In most cases it is more so. The search for financial aid becomes an ongoing process. As a college sophomore, do not expect to be able to continue to rely on the financial aid from last year. A lot can change from one year to the next, including important factors like financial need and academic achievement. So as a sophomore it is still important to make use of all the available resources out there, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.

The Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Programs recognizes college students that are doing their best to promote and emulate American values in their everyday lives on campus. This scholarship is available to college sophomores and juniors. Applicants must be enrolled full time at an accredited four year college. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement by composing an essay on their involvement in leadership activities and in activities that espouse American ideals.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is awarded to three hundred sophomores and juniors. This award covers up to $7500 a year towards educational expenses. Applicants are selected by their schools, the school selections are forwarded to the Scholarship Committee. These scholarships are generally awarded to those students who major in mathematics, science and engineering.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Award is available to second year college students. Second year students are eligible for the $1000 per academic year award. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence. The successful applicant will also be recognized as a student leader within their community. The Buick Achievers Scholarship is for the student who wants to get things done.

The scholarships listed above are one small sampling of the number of scholarships and grants that are out there. A student may apply for as many scholarships and grants as they wish. As long as they continue their education, and continue to meet other requirements, there is no limit to how much aid one student can receive. Students are encouraged to apply for more than one thing, and to search out alternative sources of funding.

The sophomore year in college can be just as challenging as the first. The student has gained some experience, and also has a better idea of what their expenses are and how best to manage them. On the other hand, with a new school year comes new academic challenges and changes. Different courses may require more materials. There are other unexpected expenses as well. Don’t stop looking for financial aid sources once you’ve enrolled. Even if you don’t apply it is still good to know what options are available to you.

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