Scholarships for Japanese Americans

Scholarships For Japanese-Americans

Japanese American scholarships
Japanese American scholarships

Summertime is a happy time. People are out there playing in the parks, walking their dogs and cats, and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s the perfect time for the high school student to be preparing for college. No matter what you have, or where you live, going to college can be expensive. Even the cheapest community colleges and trade schools can still cost several thousand dollars. Most people don’t have that kind of money laying around.

There is financial aid available to help. There are basically three types of financial aid to consider. Grants are usually federally issued, and are available to any student who wishes to attend a college or other secondary institution. Scholarships are also available from many different places. Big business likes to offer scholarships to students who work in their industries. There are also scholarships available from several charitable and private organizations.

There are scholarships available for just about every conceivable circumstance. There are scholarships available for those in great economic need, and then there are scholarships available for students who excel in their studies. There are scholarships for short people, and there are scholarships for left-handed people. Below is a list of some scholarships that may be useful to students of Japanese-American descent.

  • The Japanese-American Citizens League offers the Hagiwara Scholarship to students of Japanese descent. Applicant should have at least applied to the school of their interest, and be able to demonstrate financial need. More information and applications can be obtained at the local chapter house of the Citizens League. Any Japanese-American student is encouraged to apply.
  • The OCA Scholarship program offers a few different scholarship opportunities for students who are of Asian-Pacific descent. OCA is dedicated to the welfare of Asian-Pacific students, and recognizes that education is the path that leads to success. There are currently three programs offered by this organization. More information and the complete application is available on the OCA website.
  • The Japanese American Veterans Association offers scholarships to Japanese-American students who are direct descendants of former Japanese soldiers. This award is also open to family members of currently serving Japanese-American soldiers. This award can be for up to $1500 a year. More information is available from the Association.

No matter what scholarships you may find or apply for, there is probably at least one you are overlooking. Contact your school’s financial aid office if you wish to continue your search, or feel free to employ one of the many scholarship matching services now available online. A word of caution, the best sites are the ones that don’t charge the student for their services. No one should have to spend money to be given more money.

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