Can i become nurse with a biology degree

Can you become a nurse practitioner with a biology degree

Being a nurse practitioner is not so easy as it seems. It is a very broad thing and covers many attributes. Only a degree with biology as a major will not help you in the race. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with advanced education and an expanded scope of practice. Nurses have a very broad based education including psychology, communication, ethics and many other courses that you would not get with a biology degree. Nurses have to manage much more clinical responsibilities.

Obviously with a biology degree, you are going to become a nurse if you want to. Degree in biology is not in anyway worthless. But you have to go a little further in order to get into the track of nursing. In fact, degree in biology would be much more advantageous for you and it means that you are halfway done. Just you have to fill up some additional requirements to get into the right platform.

You need to get your bachelors in nursing, become a registered nurse and then gets at least one year experience working in ICU. Getting a practical experience is very vital in the nursing field. After you get the experience, you can also apply for the nurse anesthetics program where you will be receiving your masters in nurse anesthesia.

As a conclusion, we can say that a biology degree is basically an accomplishment. It says that you can follow something through to the end. A bachelor in biology is a foundation that prepares you for the physiology and chemistry concepts of anesthesia.

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