Scholarships for black students

Top Scholarships For Black Males And Females In USA

For anyone intending to attend college scholarships are a vital resource to ensure that the overbearing financial cost of college is taken care of in advance. By applying to as many scholarships as possible, a student can work to ensure that the cost of college is covered beforehand, rather than dealing with large debt payments afterward.

Many scholarships are geared towards minorities, and many organizations reach out specifically to black American men. Applying for these specialized scholarships gives the applicant a great chance of success. While there are hundreds of scholarships available, ten of the best are gathered here.

#1. The Jackie Robinson Foundation was created by Rachel Robinson to help to strengthen the lasting effects of Jackie Robinson and his achievements. The foundation has been working ever since to aid young minority students with funds disbursed over a four year period.

#2. The Ron Brown Scholar Fund, named for the first black Secretary of Commerce, and offers not only academic scholarships but also opportunities for service and leadership experience. For those receiving the Ron Brown scholarship, the program offers them $40, 000 over a four year period toward their college expenses.

#3. The UNCF awards more than 10, 000 scholarships to students across the country by supplying 400 difference scholarship, internship and fellowship grants. They also supply their own scholarship of up to $5000 to those accepted into their program. The UNCF partnered with CDM to create CDM/UNCF scholarship offers up to $6000 to students. Not only a scholarship, this is also an internship program accepting up to six students into the program.

#4. The BASF created the Alfred Chisholm Memorial Scholarship, created in 1997 in remembrance of BASF employee Alfred L. Chisholm offers students up to $5000 based on need and merit. This scholarship is offered for undergraduates attending historical black colleges.

#5. “Black nurses scholarships by National Black Nurses Association is also a good scholarships.

#6. Hallmark corporation offers a scholarship and internship position to juniors and seniors in college, awarding up to $7500. Interns spend 12 weeks working with Hallmark, growing their skill set while contributing to the organization aiding them toward their college degree.

#7. The Ralph and Fanny Ellison Scholarship offers scholarships to English and music majors or up to $10, 000. While this scholarship has many requirements, this generous amount of support goes a long way. The Gates Millennium scholarship was created by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is intended specifically for low income minority students. This award was designed to increase access to college for underrepresented groups in the US.

#8. The Jacob K. Javits fellowship program is a scholarship offering $30,000 for students studying arts, humanities, and social sciences. Students are selected based on both financial need and academic promise for this program. The awarded student is paid out a fellowship fee that goes directly towards tuition, as well as a stipend to cover living expenses.

#9. The KFC scholarship awards anywhere from $5000 to $20000 to students. For eligibility, a student must have graduated from high school with a minimum 2.75 GPA and intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Awards are offered to students in both two and four year colleges, as long as the end goal is a full bachelor’s degree.

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