Male nurses in New York City

Male Nurse Statistics In New York City

Number of  male nurses in New York city are significantly lower than the female nurses. Most NYC male nurses into medicine can generate a higher payment than any other metro city in the states. According to the general statistics, There are nearly 9720 male nurses in the state of New York, out of 167,598 total registered nurses.  New York City has approximately 647 of registered male nurses.

Salary for male nurses in New York City

Starting salary for registered male nurses in the state of New York is around $25 per hour as per the rural settings, whereas in metropolitan areas like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany it is within mid $30 per hour.For example Anesthesiology pays a lot more than just maternity, hence significantly 49% of the registered nurses working in that field are men. Segregation in the wage system among the male and female nurse is also considered as a reason affecting the male nurse statistics in New York.

Why men are entering into nursing?

After 2008, the whole American economy is struggling and unemployment is more than 9%. Under employment is believe to be around 25%. Many jobs are no longer as secure as before. Due to longevity of baby boomers, shortage of registered nurses is increasing rapidly. These factors are affecting and changing both men and women’s mind for finding more secure jobs.  Therefore,  percentage of male nurses in New York state alone are increasing at 3 % to 5%  higher almost every year while female nurses are increasing almost 95% rate every year.

In spit of  men joining nursing field in New York as well as all over the world, total population of male nurses are under 10%. Nursing field can definitely use more men nurses as well as female nurses.

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